The Case of the Best Getting Better

How many new clients & patients did we acquire this year compared to last year?

Situation Summary

Here is a situation that illustrates that even the best can get better. This practice has:

• Collected 71% of active client emails

• Developed a robust dentistry business

• Marketed for new clients with soaring success in May.

Yet their overall revenue growth for this year is relatively flat. While the practice is gaining clients at a robust rate, their Practice Overview Report shows that they are also losing many or failing to pull them back in. In May, for example, 61 clients fell into their lapsed client category. Additionally, this practice also has very low vaccine revenues.

This practice wanted ideas on what to do and looked to VetSuccess and industry consultant Brenda Tassava, CVPM, for some suggestions.

Action Taken

• Find out why clients are lapsing and re-activate them; this represents about $15,500 in revenue for the practice each month.
• Use wellness programs to lock in clients who may be shopping around for low-cost alternatives.


The hospital manager is currently surveying lapsing clients and those who have not come into the practice within the past two years, with the goal of gaining insights into how to guide them back. She is also developing a proposed breed-specific Wellness Plan to boost both vaccine sales and wellness visits, enabling the practice to further differentiate itself. Armed with this plan, the practice will have the tools to make changes that keep clients from lapsing. As a result, more clients will be enticed to “lock in” wellness vaccines and visits via preventive care programs.

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