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Veterinary KPIs: Why you should “run annual blood work” on your business

  Note: Dr. Erin Keiser co-wrote the following piece with her husband Stith Keiser.   I knew I would be on the receiving end of a little (okay, a lot) of skepticism as a new grad. Especially as an obviously young, not-from-around-here-girl, practicing in a rural part of Kentucky. In each exam room...Read More

Worth it: How to optimize laboratory services to strengthen your entire veterinary practice, save time, and boost revenue

  Laboratory services and diagnostics represent a critical component of veterinary care, often providing a clinical roadmap to help rule out differentials and guide treatment. However, the operational workflows behind laboratory testing are frequently overlooked. These inadvertent inefficiencies can limit team productivity and risk profit margins the practice relies on. Setting the lab...Read More

How to optimize your online presence in the eyes of Google and boost brand awareness for your veterinary practice

  The best way to get customers to come to your veterinary practice is to boost its visibility online. Most potential clients will be looking for a practice close to them, making local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) an effective tool. One of the most potent local SEO tools is Google Business Profile, formerly...Read More

5 best practices of resource management in veterinary practices

  Good resource management in veterinary practices is crucial for the organization’s profitability, quality of care, and staff retention. When we talk about resources in vet practices, the most significant challenge today is human capital.  Covid-19 exposed the veterinary workforce crisis and pushed practice managers to look for better and more creative ways...Read More

Data for your entire marketing journey: Quick Q&A with a top veterinary marketing consultant

  Successful veterinary marketing takes more than just a rusty old website from the ‘90s. Nowadays there are many sophisticated ways to market your veterinary practice and also track the impact of those efforts. To dig into this and the role data plays in veterinary marketing, we sat down with top veterinary marketing...Read More

2021 year in review: Are veterinary practices back to normal yet or is there a new normal?

  What does the year after the beginning of a pandemic look like? Are practices inching closer to back to normal or leaning more into a new normal? In the same way veterinary practices were still enduring shocks and adjustments to daily life in 2021, veterinary data in 2021 has COVID-19’s fingerprints all...Read More

8 examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in veterinary medicine

  As per a survey by Statista, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry was fully functional by 2021. Hence, the usage of artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine is growing across a range of applications such as imaging, disease predictions, cancer treatments, and radiology.  This article highlights various applications and...Read More

How veterinary practices can compete with the staffing and compensation crisis

  For veterinary practices, many challenges have surfaced over the last two years, and some have been exacerbated. One, however, has been consistent regardless of demographics, geographical location, or industry: staffing shortages and rising compensation.    “Economists say changing demographics like aging, and retiring workers are a factor behind the shortages, as well...Read More

SOS: Attract veterinary relief to your hospital in five simple steps

  It seems as though the veterinary relief industry has been positively booming throughout the last few years, and especially in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic. While other professions have seen a loss of stability, veterinarians and vet techs are finding that they are in higher demand than ever before. With...Read More