RETRIEVER Email Program

Ensure Growth by Retaining Existing Clients

Maintaining your existing base is easier and less costly than attracting new clients. Let RETRIEVER simplify the process.

Hassle-Free Client Communications

 Automatically send a series of three emails to lapsing patients who haven't visited your practice in 14, 16, and 18 months.

After 14 Months

After 16 Months

After 18 Months

You Don't Have to Lift a Finger

We take care of testing subject lines, email copy, and images to maximize response rates and minimize your headaches.

4 Key Features Included with RETRIEVER

book-now-button-icon copy

Book Now Button

Allows clients to request an appointment by emailing your practice.

Useful Polling

Allows clients to update you on reasons why they're not making an appointment.


Monthly Report

Summarizes number of emails sent, revenue generated, and patients retrieved.


Patient Details

Includes contact info for email recipients and highlights bounced emails.


RETRIEVER is Proven to Increase Revenue

On average, practices earn more than $8,000 in revenue from “retrieved” patients in
8 months

RETRIEVER Email Program: Performance Report

YES! Let's retrieve your lapsing patients.