Client Engagement: Vet2Pet for equine practices

Take your equine practice to the next level

Welcome to the most comprehensive, customizable suite of client engagement features available in equine veterinary medicine.

Engaging horse owners. Delighting equine practioners.

Whether you’re an ambulatory veterinarian going to your patients, or you’re part of a large specialty equine center, Vetsource’s Vet2Pet all-in-one client communication platform allows you to customize your practice app so it best fits the needs of your practice and the horse owners you serve.

Engage your clients

Build client bonds

Keep your practice top of mind, and make client interactions exciting and fun. 

Custom Branding

Unlike other client communication platforms, your Vet2Pet app is branded to your business, so horse owners will search for your practice’s name in the Apple and Google app stores, not the name of your technology company.


Loyalty Program

Built-in and customizable, your reward program can be used to help balance your workflow throughout the year. Drive wellness visits and dental care, and promote ancillary products and services, like chiropractic care and supplements, during the slower months. Reward for dollars spent, services purchased, referrals, online reviews, or any other behavior you want to drive, so you can increase compliance and improve your bottom line.

Horse Selfies

Horse owners love sharing photos of their horses, and they make great content for you to share on social media, too. 

Engage your clients

Communicate efficiently with your clients

Make client communication easy, efficient, and convenient for everyone.

App Chat

Exchange chat messages, photos, videos, and documents with horse owners—all of which can be automatically saved to the patient’s record. Chats can be initiated by you or the client, and you can control when you’ll allow incoming chats. 


2-Way Texting

When clients prefer text as their method of communication, you can quickly and easily receive and send SMS text messages directly through your practice dashboard. 


Deliver the right messages to the right horse owners at the right times with these branded, one-way marketing and educational messages. Some examples include: “We’re offering a special on XYC Supplement this month!” “Has your horse had a fecal egg count lately? Dewormer resistance is an ever-increasing problem that affects horses worldwide. Your horse should be checked at least twice a year before receiving their spring and fall dewormer!”

Email Messaging

With Vet2Pet’s Message Center, you can easily reach every client on any device through your practice dashboard. Whether you want to send a quick message to one client or send an important announcement to all your clients (even those without the app), your team can easily do it via email, text message, or push notification. 

Engage your clients

Improve client experiences

Make it easy and convenient for horse owners to do business with you.

Appointment Management

Reduce phone calls and elevate the client experience by allowing horse owners to request, confirm, and cancel appointments directly through your app. 


Pharmacy Requests

Take your pharmacy back, increase revenue, and improve client experiences by allowing horse owners to order prescription refills when and how it’s convenient for them. And, if you have an online pharmacy with Vetsource, your clients can shop for their horse’s products directly through your app.

Virtual Payment

No more waiting weeks for your invoices to be paid! With Vet2Pet, you can collect payment truckside at the time of the call, or any time after the appointment. Use App Chat to easily send your invoice, and your client can pay directly through the app.

Engage your clients

Remind your clients

Control when and how you send health service reminders.

Reminder Management System

Customize your reminders to fit your workflow. With this robust reminder system, you can send email, text, and app notifications about upcoming and past-due health services on your own schedule, so horses get the care they need when they need it. Reminders can be sent to all your clients, even those who haven’t downloaded your app.


Vet2pet Support

Receive unparalleled training and support

Vetsource works hard to ensure you are set up for success with your Vet2Pet client communication platform.

Dedicated Support

The Vetsource Client Engagement team is here to ensure your Vet2Pet client communication platform is everything you need it to be for your practice. From day one, you’ll enjoy support from success coaches, along with instant chat from your practice dashboard, or calls via telephone or Zoom with a support specialist.


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