Bring lapsing patients back to your practice with RETRIEVER.

This revolutionary automated email program does all the work for you. You don’t need to lift a finger! A series of three emails is sent to lapsing patients who have had no transactions in your practice for 14, 16 and 18 months, encouraging them to bring their pet in for a wellness exam.

RETRIEVER was developed and designed with some incredible input from our members, and successfully alpha and beta tested prior to launch in early 2017.

Watch this video to learn more!


From our 2017 survey of practice managers and owners, 60.5% of respondents told us that lack of time is their single biggest challenge. RETRIEVER is unique in that it’s completely seamless and maintenance free, requiring absolutely none of your time. Why?

  • No email design required
  • No set up or management on your end, unlike other programs
  • Emails are automatically sent on your behalf
  • Easily measure effectiveness with detailed monthly reporting – VIEW SAMPLE REPORT
  • We take care of testing subject lines, copy and images to maximize response rates and minimize your headaches!

And RETRIEVER works! After six months, practices participating in the RETRIEVER program have earned an average of $15.16 for every $1 spent on the program, with average revenues of $4015.73 from “retrieved” patients.

“I would strongly recommend RETRIEVER to any practice that’s interested in rescuing lapsing clients and getting them back through the front door. In my experience, the monthly investment in the program pays for itself many, many times over. RETRIEVER has closed my practice’s lapsing client communication gap and works in conjunction with the vaccine and treatment reminder system that we already had in place.”

Ben Spinks, CVPM, Tipp City Veterinary Hospital

What’s included with RETRIEVER:


  • Sets up an email to your practice for scheduling an appointment.

Polling functionality

  • Lets clients update you on reasons why they’re not making an appointment.

A monthly performance report

  • Summarizes how many emails were sent, how many patients made appointments and additional revenue to your practice.

NEW! Reporting details

  • Includes details of who received your emails, who came in for an appointment and email bounces.

After 14 Months

After 16 Months

After 18 Months

In order to improve program effectiveness, VetSuccess continuously tests these emails, meaning that a small portion of your clients may see slightly different emails from those shown above. The message will always be the same, but subject lines, email copy, and images will be tested to ensure that your customers are inspired to take action.

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