Practice Overview Report

Your monthly Practice Overview Report (lovingly referred to as POR) delivers incredible insights into the economic health of your veterinary practice. In it, you’ll find easy-to-read graphs and charts showing data on your key practice metrics.

We’ve recently redesigned all our visualizations to give you an immediate picture of the opportunities presented by your data, at a glance! We’ve also added new KPIs and benchmarks to make this powerful report even more robust, an indispensible tool that helps you manage your practice for success!

“Time management is one of the greatest challenges for practice managers and owners alike. With VetSuccess, you no longer have to spend time gathering data and running multiple reports. Jump straight to analysis and action planning, shaping a clear path forward for your practice.”

Brenda Tassava, CVPM, CVJ, Tassava Consulting

No more spending hours every month just trying to pull and collate data:
Our surveys tell us that practices using other reporting tools are spending 5 – 6 hours a month on average just gathering data! Imagine spending that valuable time analyzing your reports and spotting trends that enable your practice to take action on revenue and cost-savings opportunities.

Your Practice Overview Report Includes:

NEW Benchmarks: Now you can compare how your practice is performing against all your VetSuccess member peers.

  POR Video Overview

NEW KPIs: How bonded are your first-time clients? Bonding rate measures what percentage of new clients return for a second visit, and for those who did, how many months was it after their first visit? By popular demand, we’ve also added a Forward Booking visualization and benchmark.

  New KPIs

PracticeOverviewReports_Paw3 Active Patients: provides a patient summary and shows you if your active patients are increasing or decreasing. This unique report reveals the “true” number of active patients in your practice: no other industry report does this.
PracticeOverviewReports_Paw4 New clients & patients: the number of new and active clients and patients year over year.
PracticeOverviewReports_Paw5 Canine/feline comparisons: reports on the number of canine and feline active patients.
PracticeOverviewReports_Paw6 Total revenue with professional services breakouts: annual gross revenue by month compared to last year, revenue by category and revenue by professional service.
PracticeOverviewReports_Paw7 Unique client visits: how many unique clients visited your practice at least once this month, and average revenue per unique client.
PracticeOverviewReports_Paw8 Lapsing & lapsed patients: the number of patients who haven’t been into your practice in the past 14 – 36 months.

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