Drive action with powerful business intelligence

This powerhouse report provides an immediate, visual picture of your practice opportunities and KPIs at a glance! In it, you’ll find easy-to-read graphs and charts showing data on your key practice metrics, the ones you really need to pay attention to.

Benchmarks on several key metrics allow you to compare your practice’s performance to all other VetSuccess members. Think of it in terms of reviewing lab work results. Benchmarks provide context on how you’re really doing, and can help you self-diagnose, self-treat and stay healthy!

No more spending hours every month just trying to pull and collate data

Our surveys tell us that practices using other reporting tools are spending 5 – 6 hours a month on average just gathering data. Imagine spending that valuable time analyzing and spotting trends that enable your practice to take action on revenue and cost-savings opportunities.

Your Practice Overview Report (POR) Includes:

  • Monthly Lapsing Patient Report

    Full contact details for clients and patients who haven’t been into your practice for 14-18 months, to help plan your outreach efforts.

  • Monthly Lapsing Client Report

    Includes details for lapsing clients who haven’t visited your practice in 14-18 months, in households where all patients are lapsing.

NEW! Revenue Codes Now Automatically Aligned to the AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts in the Practice Overview Report

Great news! You no longer need to spend weeks reclassifying every transaction code in your PIMS just to align your revenue codes to the industry-endorsed AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts.

VetSuccess does the work for you.

With our proprietary mapping tool, practice revenue in the POR will now automatically align to the AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts, regardless of how your practice has revenue aligned in your PIMS.

Includes a print-friendly revenue statement with benchmarks comparing your practice’s performance against other practices.

Manage your practice for success with essential KPIs:

Benchmark your practice:
Compare how your practice is performing against all your VetSuccess member peers.
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Retention KPIs:
How bonded are your first-time clients? What percentage of new clients return for a second visit, and for those who did, how many months was it after their first visit? What’s your forward booking rate and how does it compare to national average?
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“True” count of active patients:
Discover if whether your active patients are increasing or decreasing, no other industry report calculates this datapoint.

New clients & patients:
The number of new and active clients and patients year over year.

Canine/feline comparisons:
Reports on the number of canine and feline active patients.

Total revenue with professional services breakouts:
Annual gross revenue by month compared to last year, revenue by category and revenue by professional service.

Unique client visits:
How many unique clients visited your practice at least once this month, and average revenue per unique client.

Lapsing & lapsed patients:
The number of patients who haven’t been into your practice in the past 14 – 36 months.

POR Walkthrough

Watch this video for an overview of the POR. Learn how you can use your data to transform powerful insights into impactful action!

New KPIs and Benchmarks

This video walks you through the newest KPIs and benchmarks with recommendations on how to improve your veterinary practice’s performance in each of them.

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