Do You Know Which Patients are Lapsing?

Your monthly Lapsing Patients Report provides a detailed accounting of clients and patients who haven’t been into your practice for 14-18 months. This is a very important report that identifies the patients you need to re-engage to keep them from “falling off the radar”.


This comprehensive spreadsheet provides you with full contact details, as well as:

1 – # of Months Since Last Transaction

2 – Date of Last Transaction

3 – Client #

4 – Pet Name

5 – Species

Simply fill out this form and we’ll create a Lapsing Patients Report for your practice, at no cost to you! Your report will include full details for 30 contact records.

In order to provide this report, we will need to connect and extract data from your PIMS. This is a painless 10-minute exercise, and you can expect to receive your report within ten days once we have access to your PIMS data.

mackay“What appeals to me the most about VetSuccess is its focus on the important issue of our declining client visits. We’ve seen a decline in visits since the early 2000s. Now here’s a tool that helps us look at this issue, highlight specifically where the problem is in a practice, and act on it.”

Dr. Clayton MacKay, MacKay Veterinary Consulting

Bringing Back Just One Client Pays For The Report!

This infographic shows you how the monthly Lapsing Patients Report alone more than pays for the cost of membership!

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