The Daily Adventures of a Busy Veterinary Practice Manager…

Does this sound familiar?
“For me, as a practice manager, it’s really all about time. I’m pulled in so many directions – dealing with staff problems, handling client issues, fixing broken equipment, covering someone else’s post when they’re out — plus monitoring the key financial and performance metrics of the hospital to keep everything going.”

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Kelley has worked in the veterinary industry for 38 years. She is “data savvy” and has continually pulled and monitored data for years at her practice to better manage its performance.

At VetSuccess, we work with hundreds of practice managers like Kelley across North America. This demanding position requires a responsible, dependable, detail-oriented individual who takes on the role of “chief problem solver” for the practice.

The bottom line: those who manage veterinary hospitals are the “go to” people for a number of operational concerns throughout the practice. One of these is pulling together and monitoring performance data, a task that many describe as onerous, time-consuming and tedious.

Enter VetSuccess – your propeller-head superhero! We feel your pain. VetSuccess to the rescue!

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Now that Kelley is working with VetSuccess, she has this to say about the positive impact it’s had on her time management and effectiveness:

“VetSuccess is really helpful. I love that it puts our data all in one spot, and it saves me a lot of time pulling data together. We use VIA for our practice management system. Pulling all the data reports I need is time consuming and a bit daunting at times. With VetSuccess, it’s just so easy.”

Practice management consultant Brenda Tassava, CVPM, puts it this way:

“Practice managers and owners need business diagnostics for their practice, just like veterinarians need laboratory diagnostics for their patients. VetSuccess Practice Overview Reports are the diagnostic report you used to spend hours putting together every month. Now, you can devote your time and expertise to analyzing your POR and getting a treatment plan up and running for your business more efficiently.”

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