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How do VetSuccess Reports differ from what I can pull from my own practice management software?

There are a number of different practice management systems out there – with as many different ways to generate data reports. Some, we’re told, are fairly straightforward to produce; others take hours (and sometimes, an adult beverage or extra-strength aspirin after). So perhaps the best way to respond to this is to let our members speak for us:

Cornerstone practice manager:
“While much of the raw data is available to me in Cornerstone, it would take me 4-5 hours each month to pull it, and my graphs wouldn’t be as clean and succinct. And some of the customized reports are a bear to do so I end up having to stay late when no one is here so I can concentrate and get them done. This is a faster, easier way to keep an eye on certain areas.”

Cornerstone practice owner:
“There never seems to be enough time to look at our practice performance – VetSuccess reports let us see what’s going on without lifting a finger. So the time I would have spent pulling them, I can now spend on doing something about any concerns we find.”

AVIMark practice owner:
“I still run many of the standard reports. VetSuccess gives us more insight into areas that we didn’t have before, such as the lapsing clients and patients. The first Lapsing Patients Report I saw showed me $50,000 in missed revenue–something I would have missed without it.”

VIA practice manager:
“Pulling all the data reports I need is time consuming and a bit daunting at times. With Vet Success, it’s just so easy. For me, as a practice manager, it’s really all about time. I’m pulled in so many directions – dealing with staff problems, handling client issues, fixing broken equipment, covering someone else’s post when they’re out — plus monitoring the key financial and performance metrics of the hospital to keep everything going. VetSuccess is really helpful. I love that it puts our data all in one spot, and it saves me a lot of time pulling data together.”

You asked, we answered:

What PIMS do you work with?   BACK TO TOP
We currently connect to Advantage, 123Pet, AVImark, AVImark SQL, Client Trax, Complete Clinic, Cornerstone, DVM Manager, DVMax for Windows, eVetPractice, HippoManager, Infinity (Impromed), Intravet, Intravet SQL, StringSoft, Triple Crown, Vtech Platinum, and Via

Is the VetSuccess reporting tool easy to install?   BACK TO TOP
Yes. Our data partner needs less than 10 minutes on the phone with someone in the practice who has access to the server and the internet. We install the tool on your server that securely transfers data to our servers on a schedule that you choose.

What does VetSuccess do to make sure our data is secure?   BACK TO TOP
We protect your data with 256-bit SSL encryption with a 2048-bit key, using the most up-to-date standard available (TLS 1.2). Our security infrastructure is managed by Amazon to guarantee the most immediate response possible to any potential future internet-wide security vulnerabilities.

What does VetSuccess do with our data?   BACK TO TOP
You are our client. We access, normalize, analyze and serve the data back to you in the form of usable actionable reports like the Practice Overview Report and the Lapsing Patients Report. In order to bring you even more meaningful market information, we will aggregate your data (throw it into a big pot and mix it with other similar practices’ data) so you can see how your practice is doing compared to others. Also, with your expressed permission only, we may work with industry partners to provide unique views of certain segments of data (i.e. parasiticide compliance, nutrition opportunity, wellness opportunity). You approve any sharing of information. We will never, ever, ever share your client and patient details with anyone except you.

What data are you pulling from our system?   BACK TO TOP
We pull client, patient, appointment, reminder and transaction data. This allows us to accurately report back on practice activity.

We are very busy. What will we have to do to manage VetSuccess?   BACK TO TOP
VetSuccess requires very little attention from you. Your monthly and quarterly reports arrive ‘auto-magically’ via email so you don’t have to do a thing but check your inbox! All of your reports are also stored on your secure mapping site where you have 24/7 convenient access. This gives you more time to review the reports and take action against the data to keep your practice healthy.

Will VetSuccess solicit my clients?   BACK TO TOP
We will never send an independent communication to your clients. All communication with your clients is on your behalf and with your permission. We will never send anything to your clients on your behalf that you have not reviewed and approved.

Are we locked into a contract?   BACK TO TOP
Absolutely NOT! Our job is to continue to add value and make sure you want to do business with us. You may cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel your membership, we will not renew your subscription on the next date of renewal.

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