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My vet experience as a young millennial cat owner

my cat SierraFor my 11th birthday, I received my best friend as a gift;
my cat named Sierra (a.k.a. Bears).

Now that I am a young Millennial at 22 years old, I am solely responsible for taking my senior cat to the veterinarian, but haven’t had much experience doing that yet. When Sierra was younger, my parents were always the ones to take care of the vet visits. I have taken her in myself for several routine check-ups over the last 2 years. However I recently had to bring her in for a dental cleaning, which turned into needing to have a tooth pulled. This was the first time my baby had to go under anesthesia, and I was understandably very nervous.


A receptionist told me how much the visit would cost prior to the appointment (which was A LOT of money for a young Millennial like myself). Yet, I was completely willing to pay it because she is my best friend after all. I brought her in at 7:15am and a receptionist immediately greeted me by saying, “Hey Jesi!” Even the simple gesture of referring to me by name, immediately made me feel welcomed. She then proceeded to review the list of everything that would occur that day. She reassured me that there would be a registered technician present during the dental cleaning at all times. I appreciated this because I wanted to know exactly what Sierra was going to experience that day and understand specifically what I would be paying for.

After this, the doctor came to the front desk. He greeted me by name and asked me if I had any other questions. I felt as though everyone was extremely warm and welcoming and I was comfortable leaving Sierra in their care.

Duringmy text conversation with the vet

After a few hours, I got a text from the doctor that he was in the middle of Sierra’s dental cleaning and that everything was fine. I was not expecting this at all…but I loved it! I even texted my boyfriend a screenshot of my short conversation with the doctor and said “Look at this!” This was a great way to keep me in the loop and reassure me that my baby was doing fine. Texting is how I prefer to communicate, as I’m sure most other Millennials do.

Several minutes later, the doctor called to let me know how it went and also to advise me that Sierra should have her tooth pulled. He explained in detail why this needed to happen. He then transferred the phone to a technician who explained everything additional that would be needed and gave me a revised total price, to which I agreed.

Another 20 minutes went by and I received another text from the doctor.

He let me know that everything went smoothly and that she would be waking up shortly. I was able to text back and let him know exactly what time I would like to come pick her up. As a young, more introverted Millennial, I definitely appreciated the ability to communicate by text rather than having multiple phone calls.


When I arrived at the clinic to pick Sierra up, one of the receptionists said, “Are you here to pick up Sierra?” Again, I really liked how they referred to my pet and me by name; it made me feel like a valued client.

I was taken into an exam room where I learned about the tooth that was pulled. I was also given directions about what kind of food Sierra could eat and how to give her pain medication. Then they brought out Sierra, who was growling at everyone (as per usual) and I was led to the door. Even though I had come to the clinic twice that day, I only spent about 25 minutes there in total. I really appreciated their efficiency. Most people have busy days even when they have to bring in their pet.

As a Millennial who is slowly being introduced to taking my own pet to the vet, there were several aspects of our visit that I truly enjoyed. I was grateful for the run through of everything that was going to happen to Sierra that day.  Knowing individual prices for each service was also a plus for me. It was a lot of money for someone my age to spend at once and I appreciated knowing precisely what I was spending it on. I also was very pleasantly surprised by the ability to text the doctor while he was conducting the dental cleaning. It gave me peace of mind while allowing me to communicate in a way that I feel most comfortable with. Finally, I truly appreciated the simple gesture of calling my pet and me by name throughout my visit. It made me feel as though they genuinely cared.