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Top 5 veterinary articles of 2019: The most popular advice to bring with you into the new decade


Happy New Year friends! We’re welcoming in the new roaring ‘20s [1] by taking a look back at the best of 2019. This past year was a time of incredible growth for us here at VetSuccess and we hope that you and your practice experienced the same. 

To build upon that growth, let’s take a look at the top 5 most popular veterinary articles of 2019, as ranked by the pageviews for Beyond the Numbers blog posts written in 2019.

Top 5 Veterinary Articles of 2019

“The Ideal Veterinary Staffing Ratio Boils Down to This One Key Concept: Trust”


a cat held by its owner in the veterinary officeOur 5th most popular article comes from Meg Oliver, CVPM at a three-doctor, small animal and exotics practice in Syracuse, New York. Meg gently nudges the veterinary industry beyond its comfort zone when it comes to staffing ratios. She questions why practice managers are obsessed with industry ratios instead of just trusting what works for their specific practice. 

Meg drills into maximizing your workflow and highlights 3 key support staff positions that are critical to an effective flow. At the end of the day, we discover that it really is all about trusting employees and empowering them to do more.


Determine Your Ideal Staffing Ratio [2]

“Dental Compliance: Here’s How to Help Your Clients Say Yes to the Vet”


close up of a happy dog rolling upside downComing in at #4 is an article dedicated to dental compliance from VetSuccess Customer Success Manager and veterinary renaissance (wo)man, Katie Sorrell. 

We all know how important proper dental care is but getting clients to say yes to treatment can be challenging. Katie provides 4 important ways veterinary practices can increase dental compliance. 

Communication is key, as is effective teamwork. Read on to discover more.


Increase Dental Compliance


“Dentists do it, so can Veterinarians! The Hows and Whys of Forward-Booking Your Veterinary Patient Appointments”


an open calendar notebook with events written in itOur 3rd article comes to us courtesy of Brandon Hess CVPM, CCFP, Associate Consultant with VetSupport, founding member of the Southwestern Ohio Veterinary Management Association, and the only male writer on our list. 

Brandon shares with us the three steps that dentists take to ensure that clients book their next appointment before leaving the office. He also illustrates the benefits of forward booking, which [spoiler alert] are ample. Brandon also provides a road map for practice managers to become forward-booking superstars. 


Forward-Book Like a Dentist


“Are You Flirting With Fraud? Check Yourself With The Top 5 Financial Tips From a Forensic Accounting Perspective”


someone typing at a laptop with charts on the screenFraud: a complex, nuanced, and somewhat scary topic. Lucky for us, fraud and forensic accounting happen to be passions of our 2nd article’s writer, VetSuccess’ own Amber Barrett. 

Amber lays out 5 tips for avoiding fraud, highlighting the line between legal and fraudulent so that practice managers can mind the gap. She shows us that the best thing we can do to avoid fraud is to educate ourselves and our staff and then implement checks and balances. 


How to Spot and Avoid Fraud


…and drumroll please, the #1 most popular blog post of 2019 is:

“Vet Tech Week: Top 5 Creative Ways to Honor Your Technicians”


a thank you very much card on a tableThis is one of those awesomely awkward moments where you pull your own number while announcing raffle basket winners. That’s right, the #1 blog post from 2019 was written by me, Kate Zirkle, Marketing Manager for VetSuccess. *blush*

More importantly, it should come as no surprise that the most popular topic of 2019 relates to employee appreciation. Veterinary technicians aka veterinary nurses have one of the toughest jobs around and certainly deserve their week of celebration. This article explores 5 creative ways that practice managers and owners can honor veterinary technicians. 


5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Vet Tech Week [6]

2019: Year in Review

2019 was a year of growth and change. Love it or hate it, there’s much to bring with us into the new decade. Beyond these 5 articles, what are you carrying with you? What have you learned in 2019 and what would you rather forget? 

January is the perfect time to analyze your past year and plan for your future. Know someone who could benefit from reading these articles? Be sure to forward this link on.

From all of us at VetSuccess, cheers to a prosperous new year, new decade, and beyond! 



Kate Zirkle the author


Kate Zirkle is a Marketing Manager for VetSuccess. She is passionate about animal rescue, personal development, and travel. When not working to advance the veterinary industry, she can be found kayaking, reading, and planning her next trip. You can reach her at kate@vetsuccess.com [7].