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What practice metrics should you pay the most attention to?

Dr. Clayton MacKay of MacKay Veterinary Consulting shares his insights on the most important practice metrics. One of the key metrics your practice needs to pay attention to is who your lapsing patients are. Get a free Lapsing Patients Report! ​ More

Practical marketing planning for your veterinary practice

Watch as Brenda Tassava, CVPM, practice management consultant, walks us through the basics of creating an effective marketing plan for your veterinary practice. Based on her consultations with hundreds of practices, she shares her insights on the importance of starting by looking at the story your data is telling you. Brenda then provides...Read More

Dr. Stacee Santi and Brenda Tassava, CVPM, discuss preventive care

Practice management consultant Brenda Tassava, CVPM, and Dr. Stacee Santi, medical director of Riverview Animal Hospital in Durango, Colorado, share their thoughts on the state of preventive and wellness care. They discuss the challenges practices face in measuring how they're doing with preventive care, and ideas for making and tracking improvements. Interested to...Read More

8 tips for managing your lapsing clients

What are some ways to manage those lapsing, catch-me-if-you-can clients? Here are some tips to consider: Tip #1:  Know WHO is lapsing. The first step to pulling clients back is identifying who they are. Not so complicated, right? Well, it can be. Some practice management software systems can tease out such reports, but...Read More

Why manage your lapsing clients?

Going, going – but not yet gone. That’s how I think about lapsing clients. For practice owners, understanding and managing clients who have not brought their pets in for more than a year can be challenging, but I firmly believe the effort is worth it. Why? These clients can: • Give you insights...Read More

The best feeling in the world!

Yesterday was a good day. Our team was all involved deep in the work of our day-to-day. We were servicing our member practices, working on new product ideas, planning for 2016. It was a regular and busy Thursday. Then two things happened.  I got an email from a practice group that we’ve been...Read More

Benchmarking: ACT vs ARP?

Watch as our founder Martin Traub-Werner and Michelle Guercio-Winter, Education Development Specialist at Patterson Veterinary University, have a lively exchange on the topic of which practice metric is most relevant: ACT (Average Client Transaction) vs. ARP (Average Revenue per Patient). What's your view? Interested to learn more about which practice metrics should be...Read More

“Cat day” doubles new and reactivated patients seen by Ohio practice

It is common knowledge that most veterinary practices have more canine patients than feline patients. This is disheartening considering that according to various North American estimates, more cats are owned as pets than dogs. One of the constant challenges our industry faces is how to get cats into the practice for the important preventative care...Read More

Why practice metrics matter

Here's a short video with our founder, Martin Traub Werner, and Dr. Clayton Mackay of MacKay Veterinary Consulting. Dr. MacKay is a very distinguished thought leader in our industry and a member of the VetSuccess Advisory Board. Martin and Dr. MacKay chat about the importance of practice metrics and which metrics really matter....Read More

A closer look at your professional services

At the heart of our practice business – the part we love so dearly – is the medicine. Right? So tracking your Professional Services data is one of the first things we veterinarians like to do. Finding and looking at these numbers is the first step. The second is taking a closer look...Read More