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Beyond the Numbers Blog Thoughts & Advice on Veterinary Practice Management

The Ideal Veterinary Staffing Ratio Boils Down to This One Key Concept: Trust

Every staff member plays a critical role in hospital success, from kennel attendants to veterinarians. Considering that staffing costs are one of a hospital’s largest expenses, practice managers and owners need to make sure employees are being properly utilized - hence the quest for the ideal veterinary staffing ratio.  Rethinking the veterinary staffing...Read More

Are You Flirting With Fraud? Check Yourself With The Top 5 Financial Tips From a Forensic Accounting Perspective

Ready for some hard truth? According to an American Animal Hospital Association survey, 86% of employees had stolen from their veterinary clinic. While theft is a blatantly clear form of fraud, not all fraud is that obvious. You might be flirting with fraud right now and not even know it.  Fear not, below...Read More

Here’s Why Team Wellbeing Should Be Your New KPI (Yes, You Can Measure It!) – Q&A Interview Plus Case Study

Modern-day KPIs or key performance indicators have been widely used in business since the early 1900s. While the veterinary industry is no stranger to the standard KPIs like revenue and patient visits, it’s likely missing one of the most important KPIs: team wellbeing. “But it’s impossible to measure!” you say. Not according to...Read More

Loyalty Programs: What Starbucks Can Teach the Veterinary Industry – Grab Your Coffee and Read On

One question that frequently comes up on many veterinary discussion boards is, should we participate in a loyalty program for our hospital?  Let´s spend some time breaking down what a loyalty program is, why we should use one, and how we should structure it. Coffee aficionados rejoice! There’s much to be learned from...Read More

7 Ways to Absolutely Crush Your Client Acquisition Goals Without Draining Your Time or Money

You’re never too busy for more clients, right? That’s awesome if your practice is at capacity, but for most of us, we’re always searching for ways to grow our business through client acquisition. Acquiring new clients doesn’t have to be challenging – and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Let’s dig into...Read More

Missing Charges: How to Stop the Silent Killer of Revenue, Client Experience, and Patient Care

Unless you have a foolproof system in place, there is a good chance your practice is missing charges on a daily basis.  Is missing charges that big of a problem?  In short, yes. Let’s take a look and run through an example.  Let’s say that a client walks in for an appointment and...Read More

Veterinarian Shortage: 6 Creative Ways to Hire and Retain Rockstar Veterinarians Even During the Drought

Gone are the days where resumes and applications are flooding in for our Veterinarian job openings. We are in the midst of an Associate Veterinarian shortage in the US. Do you feel the squeeze at your practice? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the disparity is expected to continue to grow about...Read More