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How veterinary practices can compete with the staffing and compensation crisis

  For veterinary practices, many challenges have surfaced over the last two years, and some have been exacerbated. One, however, has been consistent regardless of demographics, geographical location, or industry: staffing shortages and rising compensation.    “Economists say changing demographics like aging, and retiring workers are a factor behind the shortages, as well...Read More

SOS: Attract veterinary relief to your hospital in five simple steps

  It seems as though the veterinary relief industry has been positively booming throughout the last few years, and especially in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic. While other professions have seen a loss of stability, veterinarians and vet techs are finding that they are in higher demand than ever before. With...Read More

Top 5 veterinary articles of 2021: Stats, salaries, and other hot topics from a challenging yet prosperous year

  While many had hoped for more of a return to normal, the pandemic, labor shortages, and other factors kept the veterinary industry on its toes in 2021. Veterinary practices across the U.S. experienced strong growth in revenue and visits year-over-year, while much of the country dealt with the Capitol riot, new COVID...Read More

Parenting and practice management: One CVPM’s work/life balancing act as a mom of twins

  At the end of this year, I sit contemplating all that happened during this difficult year. Surprisingly the biggest challenge was not running a veterinary practice during the ongoing madness of Covid. There is a lot of talk about the way practices are running now being “the new normal” as opposed to...Read More

Pets, People, and Profit: How veterinary practices can remain flexible and adaptable for success

  The pandemic has been, and continues to be, very stressful for everyone, including veterinarians, their staff, and pet owners. While there are positive signs of recovery as more eligible people get vaccinated, we know the entire country, including our profession, is still feeling the impact of COVID-19, and that will probably continue...Read More

Finally, a better way: How to stop guessing and start tracking veterinary patient compliance

  With the increase in client demand for veterinary care, plus industry-wide staffing challenges in 2021, your practice is likely busier than ever. As we begin to close out this year and plan for the next, it's the perfect time to take a step back and evaluate patient compliance in your practice. You're...Read More

4 ways to bond the influx of new clients to your veterinary practice in 2021

The pet industry is booming in the United States and pet owners are expected to spend nearly 110 billion dollars in 2021. This translates into an amazing opportunity for veterinary practitioners looking to scale up their existing practice. Upscaling the customer experience with technologies like telemedicine and new digital marketing strategies is crucial...Read More

During this workforce crisis, you can’t afford NOT to celebrate Vet Tech Week in October

  Take a moment to visualize a typical mid-pandemic day in your practice: perhaps you see phones ringing non-stop, edgy pet owners, new patients, delays, curbside service, inventory backorders, etc. Now take a deep breath and imagine all of that chaos without your veterinary technicians. You and I both know your practice would...Read More

Is a professional business coach right for you? 3 surprising findings that could sway your decision

  How many of us take the opportunity to work on ourselves? This question could be asked about our work lives or personal lives, but I’m specifically asking about our work lives. Before I started working with a leadership coach aka professional business coach, my answer to this question would have been, “very...Read More

Pet health “data” isn’t a four-letter word: Why—and how—we all need to help

  I admit it: I’m that person who says things like, “Excel is the most powerful tool in the office.” I’m also one who thinks the right data—and the right approach to data—can help us achieve amazing things for animals, for their caretakers, for veterinarians, and for our industry. What I’m not is...Read More