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Vetsuccess CEO shares an insider’s look at clinical dynamics within the practice management system at 2016 senior executive forum

This press release was originally published by Animalytics. We thought we'd share it on our blog as it references a talk our CEO Martin Traub-Werner gave on a study we conducted on core vaccination frequency (Distemper- Adenovirus-Parvovirus) over a four-year period in a 300 practice sample. Kansas City, MO, May 16, 2016 Martin Traub-Werner,...Read More

Why are practice trends important?

Simply put, trends are a key analytical tool in helping to identify and confirm the patterns that are vital to your practice.  Representing your most important metrics, trend lines can be compared and measured against one another over time.  In the end they tell an illuminating story about the health of your busy...Read More

Using VetSuccess reports to inspire and engage your team

As owners and managers, we often hear that employees need to be engaged and that there needs to be transparency and a sharing of “the books” with employees.  The use of VetSuccess Practice Overview Reports, Preventative Care Snapshot Reports and Elanco Parasiticide Action Reports can help you accomplish engagement and sharing in an...Read More

Practice good medicine and the money will follow

"Practice good medicine and the money will follow." This was the answer a wise veterinarian once gave me in response to my question of her plans on growing revenue in her practice. I love this advice because it is a springboard for a deeper introspection of how we can make this adage a...Read More

Tips for veterinary practice managers: Recruiting for improved client service

If you’re a veterinary practice manager, then odds are that a good part of your duties include recruiting and hiring employees to fill open positions on your team. One of the most common roles that need to be filled on a more frequent basis is that of the veterinary receptionist, or client care...Read More

Lagging vs. leading metrics – The importance of a fine balance

So, you want to lose 10 lbs? Not the opening line you were expecting, right? Stick with me here. I promise it will soon make sense. But for now, back to weight loss. You step on your bathroom scale and discover you’ve met your goal. This backward-looking (lagging) indicator gives you something to...Read More

A loyalty and rewards program that pays off for everyone

I had my first VetSuccess phone consult with Brenda Tassava, CVPM in late August 2014. Her recommended action steps for our practice included development of a loyalty rewards program to better bond and retain our clients. She recommended we take a look at the Vet2Pet app, as it had a built-in loyalty program...Read More

Key performance indicators, part 1: Benchmarking your practice to the industry

As a practice manager or owner, in order to effectively keep your practice moving forward, you must measure where you are now on a regular basis. Typically, monthly measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs) benchmarked against not only industry standards, but also against your practice’s historical data, is the cornerstone for effective veterinary...Read More

What practice metrics should you pay the most attention to?

Dr. Clayton MacKay of MacKay Veterinary Consulting shares his insights on the most important practice metrics. One of the key metrics your practice needs to pay attention to is who your lapsing patients are. Get a free Lapsing Patients Report! ​ More

Practical marketing planning for your veterinary practice

Watch as Brenda Tassava, CVPM, practice management consultant, walks us through the basics of creating an effective marketing plan for your veterinary practice. Based on her consultations with hundreds of practices, she shares her insights on the importance of starting by looking at the story your data is telling you. Brenda then provides...Read More