Beyond the Numbers Blog Thoughts & Advice on Veterinary Practice Management

Who Needs a Practice Manager?

As a technical services veterinarian, I had the privilege of visiting about 20 veterinary hospitals per week. During these meetings, I met with hospital leadership to discuss what was going well in their practices and identify areas in which my company could provide assistance to help their businesses become “even better yet”. While...Read More

The Future of Veterinary Medicine

My friends, I have seen the future. It isn't every day that I get a chance to chat with a veterinary futurist, but that day came a couple of weeks ago. By trying to predict the future, veterinary futurism is by its very nature an inexact science. But there are certain developments in...Read More

Conducting Productive Staff Meetings Using Your Practice Overview Report

If you're like most practice managers, planning productive staff meetings might be the last thing on your long list of "to-do's". However, the time you carve out to conduct team meetings is extremely important, not to mention expensive. With that in mind, you need to assure that it is time well spent! Your...Read More

Using your Practice Overview Reports to Anticipate Compassion Fatigue

As an industry we tend to like quantitative indicators of our practice’s health. VetSuccess does a great job of providing many metrics that you can use to track your practice’s progress, and even anticipate negative trends or changes. As a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional, I like to look for unique ways to not...Read More

“How Much Is a ___________?” Creating Relational vs. Transactional Interactions

Frequently, when answering phone calls veterinary teams are asked: “How much do you charge for…?” The caller can be asking for something as routine as pricing for vaccinations, or they may be inquiring about a procedure, like dentistry or declawing, which opens the door for a much deeper conversation. How do you or...Read More

To The Batmobile! : A Data Adventure on the Road

It was a few weeks ago now that I had the distinct pleasure of riding sidecar alongside Sally Jackson, my dear friend, colleague, and our VetSuccess National Accounts Manager. Together with our pal David*, Key Account Manager for our industry partner Elanco, we formed a merry band of data revelry, seeking to spread...Read More

Do Our Clients Value the Things We Think They Value?

Published with permission of Wendy Hauser, DVM, Peak Veterinary Consulting Perspective, as defined in Cambridge Dictionary Online[1] is a particular way of considering something. When we attempt to answer the question “Do our clients value the things we think they value?”, perspective becomes critically important. Take for example the 2015 Banfield State of Pet Health...Read More

Key Performance Indicators: The Clinical Signs of the Health of Your Practice

As veterinarians, we are diligent about measuring and monitoring our patients’ vital signs. While well trained in assessing our patient’s well-being, we are not as attentive to the indicators of our practice’s health such as: What are the “clinical signs” of a healthy practice? How often should you evaluate these crucial metrics? How...Read More