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You are a skilled veterinarian… What’s next in your career?

I vividly remember the conclusion of my academic career. I was in a room, participating in a rounds discussion with nine classmates when we were dismissed. As my classmates jumped and hooted with glee, I stayed seated. I recall thinking that I was going to miss the academic rigor and structure I had been...Read More

How a South Carolina practice achieved a 65% forward booking rate

For several years, I have been coaching practices to forward book their patients. This coaching has been met with mixed reactions and results. The veterinary practices who embrace the concept and succeed have considerably lower lapsed patient rates, along with better control over their schedule. What is forward booking? Forward booking is the...Read More

How to stop your patients from lapsing

In a previous blog post, I talked about the difference between the Lapsing Patient and Lapsing Client reports. Need a reminder? You can find it here. I mentioned at the end that I would provide some additional information in a future post, about some things you can do if you have exhausted the...Read More

Growing leaders in your practice: What is a leader?

Who are the leaders in your practice? While facilitating a leadership workshop, I asked “Who are the leaders in your practice?”. This question stimulated some robust discussion. While some groups discussed the positions in their organizational leadership chart, one thoughtful response was “Everyone is a leader in my practice”. I asked this practice...Read More

It’s real: Common misconceptions about compassion fatigue

I was sitting in my Clinical Psychology class with my eyes fixed on the TV. I watched as a therapist counseled a young father as he described his daughter passing away in his arms. The anxiety, stress and heartbreak that I felt as tears nearly fell down my cheeks would be an unknown...Read More

What do millennials want as employees in a veterinary hospital?

Who are Millennials? The generation of children born between 1982-2002, whose ages range from 15 – 35 years. Some Millennials have been in the workplace for many years while others are just graduating college. They make up a very large percentage of the workforce, and their numbers are growing. However, at the same time,...Read More

On failing in front of the team you lead

In my head, I had this! I was gonna be AWESOME! We have a distributed team. Eleven of us are spread across seven different cities. If I haven’t mentioned it before I’m a HUGE fan of distributed teams. They work extremely well and even better if they get together from time to time....Read More

Why have some numbers changed in the new Practice Overview Report?

After lots of planning, strategizing, and idea sharing, we finally did it! The newest version of our Practice Overview Report (POR) officially launched in January. Those of you who have received it appreciated an updated, easier-to-read look, more data to help identify areas of opportunity to grow your practice, and benchmarks to see...Read More

How you helped us to help you to “retrieve” lapsing patients in 2017

In relatively recent history, veterinary practices have been turning their attention to the concept of the lapsing patient. If you haven’t seen a patient in over eighteen months, it turns out, it’s very likely you’ll never see them again. Thus, there has been growing interest in how to attract those patients whom you...Read More

Why you should get out of practice code debt – Part 3

Other suggestions for minimizing practice code debt Create one, inactivate three. Every time you add a code, try and inactivate three codes. (Note to self: every time I add something to my wardrobe I’m going to try take three items out!) Look at a 12-month Revenue-by-Code report and think about how to rationalize...Read More