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Developing and retaining the ‘A’ team! Reducing high staff turnover starts with you…The GREAT LEADER!

Staff retention is a hot topic for practice managers and owners. “We have such high staff turnover” I frequently hear. I have even heard “employee turnover is very common in the veterinary industry…” When these types of comments are made, the first place I turn to make corrections is leadership. It all starts...Read More

Performance reviews done right: The gift that keeps on giving

Holiday festivities. Family. Friends. Good food. Year-end inventory counts. Annual budgeting. Performance reviews. To some, the above two lines may seem as polarizing as a lump of coal and a shiny new present. Fortunately, for veterinary managers and owners alike, exercises that many designate to the end of the year are in fact,...Read More

A survival guide to ghosting and catfishing (Hint: Not in the dating world)

Have you been ghosted? Or catfished? As the title indicates, I am not talking about the dating scene – I am referring to our hiring processes! In case you aren’t familiar with these terms, ghosting is a lack of response after an attempt at communication – you can view the Oxford definition here....Read More

How to support your team’s success with standard operating procedures

Three things well-managed practices typically have in common are organized teams, distinct team leaders with defined responsibilities, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). There are endless benefits to creating Standard Operating Procedures for your veterinary practice! Unique to each clinic, SOPs are vital to patient care and safety. Not only do SOPs streamline training,...Read More

How a great veterinary receptionist can support your success

If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes in a veterinary practice, you’ll know that the veterinary receptionist has one of the hardest jobs out there. I would rather spay 10 fat labs than spend one day working at the front desk. As a veterinary receptionist, you have to spend the entire day...Read More

Employee recognition – How to show your employees you care

Employee recognition can have a large and positive impact on employee retention. Finding ways to recognize the hard work of your employees doesn’t have to be difficult, complicated or time-consuming. Besides aiding retention because it’s good for morale, employee recognition is also good for your bottom line. According to an article published by...Read More

How to conduct engagement surveys to reduce unwanted turnover (Part 2 of 2)

Dog in a field with a Frisbee in its mouth
As the title suggests, this is the second post in a two-part series about engagement surveys. Engagement surveys can help you understand how your employees feel about your practice and just how committed they are to your success. In part one, I shared eight best practices to help ensure your success. Please be...Read More

How to conduct engagement surveys to reduce unwanted turnover (Part 1 of 2)

I’d like to revisit a topic I touched on in my March 22nd post -- the high cost of staff turnover. In this post, I explained that replacing staff members is an expensive and labor-intensive proposition that can cost anywhere between 16% and 21% of a given team member’s annual wage.1 With that...Read More

How to use stay interviews to reduce unwanted turnover

At every practice, turnover is something that we have to deal with. While some turnover is unavoidable, and in some cases, even helpful, it always represents a substantial cost to the practice. How much does it cost to replace a team member? A whole heck of a lot - that’s how much! Taking...Read More

Why continuing education is a smart move for your vet practice

Since returning from this year’s VMX in Orlando, my mind has been racing with the many exciting takeaways I’ve been wanting to share! While I was at the event, I posted a comment on my personal Facebook page about how much these conferences ignite me. I always come back with a renewed passion...Read More