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Why every impression really matters. The high stakes to not providing good customer service

First impressions are everything. They certainly matter when the stakes are high, like a job interview or a first date, and they matter even when the stakes are low, like being introduced to a friend of a friend (because who knows what the future holds). How about when a first impression influences whether...Read More

How making your practice cat-friendly will improve your patient and client experience, bonding rate and your bottom line!

The number one reason why people don’t bring their cat to the vet is because their cat doesn’t like it. The number one reason that people do bring their cat to the vet is because they are sick. We all know that once a cat begins to show signs of illness, it is...Read More

10 tips for making awesome clients feel like VIPs

I’ve been a veterinarian now for 22 years and what I have learned is that not every client is equal. There are so many awesome clients — they are kind, empathetic, aware of medical limitations and the fact that veterinarians don’t possess a crystal ball. Other clients though are “awesome-challenged”—they may have unrealistic...Read More

Cultivating a consistent and memorable client experience in your practice

Often, veterinary team members get caught up in the busy moments of the practice. Receptionists check clients in and out, answer the phones and make appointments. Veterinary technicians provide nursing care to patients, client education, and aid in the diagnoses of patient diseases and illnesses. Veterinarians perform surgery, diagnose cases and prescribe medication....Read More

Outstanding customer service: What lies behind a smiling face at a successful clinic?

Anyone can tell you what the basics of outstanding customer service are. A smiling face, positive attitude, friendly personality, and a helpful approach all contribute to a good customer experience. If I say “outstanding customer service” you may picture a smiling, welcoming receptionist, just itching to help your clients. While these characteristics are all...Read More

How to use process flowcharts for an excellent client experience

Do you use process flowcharts in your practice? If not, this one’s for you! If your practice is anything like mine, you may, like me, sometimes experience a sense of foreboding that things are getting more complicated every day. To remain competitive, we’re increasingly focused on things like: developing more sophisticated marketing initiatives;...Read More

How to build a bond with your clients using an app powered by your practice data

Just walk through an airport and it seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. The truth is that approximately 77% of Americans have a smartphone and the most rapidly growing demographic of smartphone owners is 55- to 64-year-olds – probably because if you want to talk to your grandkids these days, this...Read More

Tips on improving the client experience in your practice

As VP Marketing for VetSuccess, I seize the opportunity to spend time with our members whenever I can, as I learn so much from them. Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a retreat for practice managers, along with our National Accounts Manager Extraordinaire, Sally Jackson. I stand in complete awe of...Read More

How a South Carolina practice achieved a 65% forward booking rate

For several years, I have been coaching practices to forward book their patients. This coaching has been met with mixed reactions and results. The veterinary practices who embrace the concept and succeed have considerably lower lapsed patient rates, along with better control over their schedule. What is forward booking? Forward booking is the...Read More

“How much is a ___________?” Creating relational vs. transactional interactions

Frequently, when answering phone calls veterinary teams are asked: “How much do you charge for…?” The caller can be asking for something as routine as pricing for vaccinations, or they may be inquiring about a procedure, like dentistry or declawing, which opens the door for a much deeper conversation. How do you or...Read More