VetSuccess Launches RETRIEVER to Help Bring Lapsing Patients Back to Veterinary Practices

Beta-Testing in Twelve Practices Generated over $32K of Revenue in 60 Days

Toronto, Canada, February 1, 2017—VetSuccess is officially releasing its latest product innovation RETRIEVER, an automated email program that helps practices “retrieve” their lapsing patients, at the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando Feb 4th to 8th, 2017.

VetSuccess is a membership service for the veterinary industry that provides business diagnostics and practice treatment plans to help improve patient care. Their data-driven practice management solutions are aimed at helping practices achieve greater success. “The number of lapsing patients is a big issue for our industry,” says Founder and CEO Martin Traub-Werner. “Typical industry reminder protocols don’t address the problem. The average practice has 110 lapsing patients at any given time. And if we don’t stop these patients from lapsing, they become part of the whopping 20% of lapsed patients we see on most practices’ lapsing patient reports. Our members asked for our help and the VetSuccess team was determined to find a solution.”

The VetSuccess product development team took a scientific approach to solving the problem, starting the process with a member survey to gather input. A prototype product was developed and went into alpha testing with three practices for 60 days. The positive results encouraged the team to tweak the product based on feedback, add some extra features, and go into beta testing with a larger group of practices. “Over 60 days of alpha and beta testing, RETRIEVER sent emails to 2,454 pet owners whose pets had not been in the practice for 14, 16, or 18 months. The patient “retrieval rate” was 6.05% and revenue generated was $32,828.85,” says Director of Product Development Kevin Keystone. “Most importantly, 161 pets got the care they needed. And now after all our testing, we can go to market confident that RETRIEVER works!”

RETRIEVER consists of a series of three emails sent on behalf of individual VetSuccess member practices who sign up for the program. Emails are automatically sent to the owners of lapsing patients who haven’t had a transaction in the practice for 14, 16 and 18 months, encouraging them to bring their pet in for a wellness exam. A monthly performance report summarizes how many emails were sent, how many patients made appointments and additional revenue to the practice because of the RETRIEVER program.

Ben Spinks, CVPM, Hospital Administrator for Tipp City Veterinary Hospital participated in the beta trial of RETRIEVER. “The VetSuccess RETRIEVER program has closed our communication gap to those lapsing clients we haven’t seen come back into the practice for over 12-18 months. We’ve been using the program for two months now and have seen great results so far. This month alone, we’ve had 12 of the clients contacted return to the practice, generating $2,000 in additional revenue… I would strongly recommend RETRIEVER to any practice that’s interested in rescuing lapsing clients and getting them back through the front door.”

RETRIEVER is available to VetSuccess members at $39 monthly. To learn more visit RETRIEVER or the Patterson Veterinary booth at NAVC.

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