The VetSuccess Advantage

We pride ourselves on providing accurate and easy-to-understand metrics. We also believe in transparency in all that we do.

Our Process Here we simplify and share our "secret sauce" for reliable metrics.

Step 1: Extract

First, we extract your data. If you don’t have a data extraction tool on your server already (many practices do for integrated lab services and client communication platforms), one will be installed on your server to provide us with the raw data. We also pull in Vetsource home delivery data for Vetsource customers and align purchases at the patient level.


Step 2: Normalize

We are the best in the industry at normalizing data. It’s the “secret sauce” of VetSuccess.

Veterinary practice data is messy, but we’re able to make sense of it by assigning each revenue transaction in your practice management software to the appropriate categories, regardless of what each individual practice uses for a software system, item code, or description.

We use machine learning and a team of veterinary professionals to “map” the codes in your software. We’re able to accurately map millions of codes in seconds!


Step 3: Analyze

We analyze your practice data and present your key practice metrics in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

We’ll include trend lines so you can track your performance over time and benchmarks so you can compare yourself against thousands of other practices.


Step 4: Serve

Each month we send you an email with a link to your reports. You also have the option to log in and view your reports online any time through your dedicated portal. Download, save or print with just one click.


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