Lapsing Client Toolkit

Activate your lapsing clients. Bring them back into your practice! At VetSuccess we’re committed to helping you unlock the value of your practice data.


We’ve received great feedback about our unique Monthly Lapsing Patients Report (you can get a free sample report for your practice here). A number of our clients have asked us for some help around how to re-engage lapsing clients.

We’ve put together this handy reference manual; fill out the form below to download now! Inside you’ll find sample communications designed to prompt clients who have not been into your practice in 14 or more months. Use the toolkit to help you re-engage with these clients and remind them to make an appointment for their pet(s).

Here’s what you’ll get:

  Sample Marketing Emails

  Telephone Scripts

  Voicemail Messages

  Tips for Telephone Calls Voicemail

Dr. Mark Coleman provides some insight on how his practice works with the toolkit:

“Early on, we saw how the Lapsing Patient Reports could help us pull patients back into the practice… We looked at the VetSuccess scripts that help take this data and put it into action. We have a resource who has made these calls for us for years so all we really needed to do was pull bullet points from the scripts for her. We’re seeing improvements already!”


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