The Case of Growing the Hard-to-Catch Cat Market

Situation Summary

This practice has a particular passion for shelter medicine and focused a great deal of effort in the past year helping stray cats in the area. How important was this outreach to their practice?

Their Active Client & Patients Report shows them well over last year’s client base. Moreover, despite a national trend of feline visits dropping, they are seeing more cats than ever. Well done!

With the desire to continue to grow, the practice asked practice management consultant, Brenda Tassava, CVPM, to look at their data and make suggestions for improvements.

Action Taken

Among Brenda’s recommendations:

  1. Look to improve the efficiency of client communications by making a concerted effort to collect client email addresses. Brenda suggested giving the team a roll of raffle tickets and asking them to put the new client email address on the back (after adding it to the PIMS) along with their initials. There will be a draw for prizes at staff meetings. This approach makes the collection of emails fun and rewarding for the team and keeps them incentivized to ask for them.
  2. Track progress closely: with this much change in the business, the practice may soon reach maximum capacity. Practice owners will need to start thinking about hiring/training staff to accommodate continued growth.


The practice aims initially to move from 27% of email addresses on file to 50% and then upwards to 65%. They plan to send cost-effective e-blasts for reminders and other important notices, which will help increase retention and preventive care compliance.

Now the practice has proof of their successful cat campaign – and a plan to help them continue to grow successfully.

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