VetSuccess Terms in Plain English

Last Modified: January 2019

You (the Practice) give us (VetSuccess) permission to connect to your data. One of our data extraction partners will install a small, painless tool on your server. Every night, the extraction tool wakes up and sends a snapshot of your practice data to a cloud-based server. This is happening in thousands of practices already. If you use a third-party marketing system, or an app, or connect to a third-party laboratory company, or use any of the many other data-connected services available in our industry, this extraction process may be happening in your practice already. We handle and store your data with data security always in mind. You can choose when we get your data, but we prefer once a day, usually after hours.

We do four things with your data:

1) We generate easy-to-understand and actionable reports for you.

2) If you agree, we’ll also create reports that are sponsored by our Industry Partners (like Elanco and Patterson).

These reports identify specific opportunities for improvement in your practice. You have to agree to participate if you want to get these reports, AND the data used to create these reports will be shared with the Industry Partner. But note…and this is important…our Industry Partners get absolutely no information that identifies your clients or patients. Besides, in our experience, they really don’t want data that identifies your clients. They have really big Privacy Offices full of Privacy Officers and lawyers that would have kittens if anybody there had data that identified your clients.

3) We create highly targeted client communications that, with your permission only, we send on your behalf.

4) We study your data.

We merge it with other data sources. We compare it to other practices. When it’s aggregated and de-identified, we talk about it with our friends. We create benchmarks from it. We try and understand it. Why do we do that? It’s an uncanny fascination (some call it an obsession) with finding the right combination of metrics that can predict practice success and guide practice behavior. In no case would we identify your practice or your clients in any of our research and benchmarking work without your permission.

All of this is spelled out in an End User License Agreement (written in very small print) that you or a representative of your practice needs to approve as we start our work together — that Agreement is available to you at any time, and we’ll email you a copy just to be sure. Oh yeah…our lawyers did ask us to point out that if there’s any discrepancy between this ​Plain English​ version and the formal legal agreement that we need to enter into together, the formal legal one wins.When we are no longer working together, we’ll stop getting any of your data. And we’ll stop any marketing programs you’re participating in too. Emailing your clients after you’ve asked to break up with us would be really bad form! You won’t be able to access your reports from our portal, but you certainly can use the ones you’ve saved or printed. Lastly, we’ll still use some of your historical de-identified data for a while in our benchmarking and research work. Think of our benchmarking and research like a cake that’s been baked. Once it’s out of the oven, the Baker can’t really pull out your one egg that went into the cake ­– If they could, they’d be a Magician!

As you may have guessed, we do charge for our services.  We ask you to pay on time and if you don’t, we’ll have to hang on to your reports until you do. You can read about our pricing on our website. Oh yeah, one last thing on pricing, all pricing is in USD (sorry, Canadian friends!)

We love what we do, and we’ve built something that people value. How do we know? Because they tell us! It’s pretty awesome. We have to admit that it’s hard to be all things to all people. Our software is what it is, and we’re sure you’ll love it (lawyers call this the “as is” clause). If you don’t love it you can terminate the agreement. We’ll be sad and we’ll double our efforts to add even more value to the work we do in the hope that you come back to us.If you think this Plain English version is good you should read the actual End User License Agreement (EULA). We spent a lot of time (ahem…money) on it. It was weeks of work. It’s a legal masterpiece. You can find it at:

If you have any questions about how we operate, how these legal documents work, or want to know anything about VetSuccess in general, you’re invited to contact our Founder and CEO. His name is Martin Traub-Werner, and his email is: