Secure Data Warehousing

We take ample steps to protect your data. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.


5 overarching security principles that guide us


Data Isolation

To retain data purity and security, we isolate your data from the other data sources we work with. No comingling here.


Strict Access Control

Fewer cooks in the kitchen, the better, right? That’s why we restrict who exactly has access to your data. Only those actively working on your custom data solutions will have access to your data.


Robust Logging and Access Tracking

It’s one thing to say you restrict access and another to actually track it. Our robust tracking system ensures that we know precisely who has accessed your data and when.


Column and Row Level Access Restriction

This is where we get down into the nitty-gritty of data security. We go so far as to restrict access down to the column and row level with data.


Identifiable Data vs Aggregate/De-Identified Data Policy Distinctions

We clearly define the difference between identifiable data (data that can be traced back to its source) and aggregate or de-identified data (data that has been homogenized into one mass of data and whose parts are no longer traceable back to their source.)

Our tactical approach to data security


Most data encrypted at rest; sensitive data always encrypted

This conceals and protects your data, especially your sensitive data, by converting it into a code.


Data always encrypted in transit - Transfer Layer Security (TLS)

Think of this as the best possible protection for your data when in transit.


Continual compliance with security patches

Security is ongoing for us. We don’t just set it and forget it. We continuously monitor and improve our security.


External access only through VPN or IP whitelisting

We only give access to the data to those who should have access to it. Simple and secure.


Data Governance Layers

This includes secured programmatic and API access, isolating each data entity, and long-term access and activity log retention.


Regularly scheduled and enforced password & encryption key rotation

You won’t find any “password1234” or “computer123” passwords here. In fact, you won’t find any passwords because we securely rotate them.


Your data is safe with us. Have more questions? Let's chat.