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Fear Free Fecals A Direct Mail Reminder Program


Statistically proven to increase compliance with fecal testing by 55%

Take advantage of our direct mail fecal reminder program that boosts preventive care and practice revenue. Best of all, make it easy for pet owners to bring in a stool sample and reduce stress and anxiety manually collecting one during a visit.

In a controlled experiment, practices whose clients received their standard wellness exam reminders, plus a supplemental reminder with stool collection bag attached, experienced:



Increase in compliance with fecal testing



Greater likelihood that patients visiting will purchase at least one vaccine



Increase in wellness exam revenue



In incremental revenue per patient mailed

Here's what you can expect with Fear Free Fecals


Our algorithm will identify patients that are due for a wellness exam and an annual fecal test.


We’ll send those identified a carefully crafted, personalized letter and one stool collection bag. View sample letter.


We’ll attach one stool collection bag per letter.


You’ll receive a monthly performance report indicating how many mailers went out and how many fecal exams came in through Fear Free Fecals. View sample report.


The best thing about Fear Free Fecals?

It’s completely automated, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Simply decide how many clients you’d like to target each month based on your budget and leave the rest to us!

Through my clinical experiences, I have come to believe that fecal tests were a gateway to increased parasiticide compliance and overall preventive care. Now, thanks to VetSuccess and Elanco, we have proof of that and more!

Reed Stevens, DVM, Owner

Ellicott Small Animal Hospital

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Maximize your full poo-tential! You've got nothing to lose and happier and healthier patients and revenue to gain!

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