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The VetSuccess Daily Dashboard


Evaluate the health of your business and take appropriate action with data that’s normalized and refreshed daily.

Both our standard and custom dashboards provide easy to interpret visualizations and allow you to dig deep into your KPIs.


Interactive dashboards provide a single view of your most critical data and rich actionable insights.


Aggregated data regardless of individual practice management software or shared servers



Appropriate for individual practices and practice groups


Drill into different time periods, providers, and revenue categories with one click

I am thoroughly enjoying VetSuccess and all the analytics that are at my fingertips.  I especially love how smooth the transition was.  Not having to do anything except allowing someone to get on our server was fantastic.

VetSuccess Client

Standard Dashboards

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Your practice's performance right at your fingertips.

  • Practice Revenue
  • Patient Visits
  • Revenue per Patient Visit
  • Revenue by Provider
  • Monthly Sales by Product
  • Appointments by Provider

Want even more? Have specific KPI’s in mind for your practice? Explore our Custom Dashboard options!

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If the data is in your practice management software, we can help you make sense of it! The options are endless:

  • Goal Tracking
  • Journal Entries
  • Import Additional Data Sources
  • Accounting Information
  • Top 100 PIMS Codes
  • Code & Price Changes