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Leading veterinary industry consultants agree that it is time for data-driven practice management solutions and they partner with VetSuccess to marry their expertise with the detailed and sophisticated data we provide.

Many practices find that phone consultations with our team of professional CVPMs from VetSupport , have really brought opportunities in the VetSuccess reports to life! They’ve seen tremendous value in gaining an objective viewpoint and analysis from someone outside the practice, to bring some additional clarity to the story the data is telling. More importantly, the practical advice and recommendations the consultants provide, create a roadmap for future growth and increased compliance, leading to even better patient care.

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Your professional consultation includes:

  • A review and analysis of your most recent reports by a professional CVPM, in advance of your consultation
  • A 45-minute telephone or video call with the consultant, to discuss observations, opportunities, action plans and next steps
  • A written report following the consultation that summarizes the consultant’s recommendations and includes marked-up reports like the samples you see below

VetSuccess report consultations are available at your desired frequency, at a cost of $250.

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Watch Dr. Jim Brown of Blue Cross Animal Hospital talk about his experience with a VetSuccess report consultation.

“Overall, I’d say the VetSuccess consulting report was GREAT. Wish we had it every month!”

Barbara Bradford,
CVT & Office Manager, Prima Vista

“My reaction to this report was ‘wow!’ Our consultant went through each graphical data summary — showed it, explained it, and gave us detailed suggestions on what corrections we might consider to improve. It was really helpful.”

“In taking a closer look at our Visits Report, for example, our consultant made suggestions to guide us to find out why clients stopped coming in. I’ve made up a short, simple survey that I’l send out via email to learn not just from our lapsing clients, but those who stopped coming in 2 — 3 years back. This will then guide us in what changes to make to keep clients coming back this year and in the years ahead.”

“With these explanations and insights, we have some specific ways we can improve. I need to work with the staff on auditing our reminder system, for example. Right now, it’s a new automatic email system that is supposed to also send mailers — but we only have 15% of our clients’ emails on file so I need to keep a close eye on this to make sure they receive our messages, and to gather more emails too.”

“She also suggested we consider Wellness Plans to ‘lock in’ certain clients to the practice as well as breed-specific wellness exams. I’ve started pulling data on our breeds and will use this and her report at a future doctor meeting to spark a discussion on when and how we may wish to proceed on these. Wellness Plans are not a new concept for us — but this report gives me one more tool to help us decide what’s best for us.”

Cynthia Simon,
Hospital Manager, Griffith Animal Hospital

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