Improve Your Practice’s Preventive Care Compliance

Veterinarians everywhere share a common bond: a love of caring for animals and providing them with the best quality of life possible. Preventive care is the solution to early detection and treatment of illness and disease, as well as longer life for pets. Regular preventive care leads to healthier patients and a healthier practice.

How’s your practice doing when it comes to preventive medicine? If you’re like most veterinary practices, you only have a general sense of how well you and your teams are doing when it comes to preventive care compliance. Tracking your practice’s performance in this area can be very time-consuming and enormously frustrating, at best.

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Preventive Care Snapshot™ (PCS) to the rescue!

That’s why we developed the quarterly Preventive Care Snapshot™ report in collaboration with one of the industry’s leading practice management consultants Brenda Tassava, CVPM. This unique report is your practice management tool for reaching your hospital’s patient care goals. It shows you how you’re performing in every area of your practice’s preventive care recommendations by species and age ranges. Your first report provides a baseline reading on current performance, clearly indicating where your practice needs to improve. Each quarter, you can easily monitor progress towards the goals you and your team set, and revise your plan as needed.

NEW! Now introducing, by popular demand, the Preventive Care Snapshot™ report by doctor!  This new report is available as an add-on to members who are subscribed to the Preventive Care Snapshot, at an additional cost. 

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On a rolling calendar year, you’ll be able to measure your patients’ health compliance in these key areas:

  • Annual Physical Examination
  • Preventative diagnostics, including wellness bloodwork, heartworm testing, and fecal testing for parasites
  • Core vaccines
  • Year-round use of a combination parasiticide
  • Dental prophylaxis

greenpaw_1Your quarterly PCS report comes to you in an easy-to-read “heat map” format that clearly identifies specifically where your practice has opportunities for improvement.

greenpaw_2We’ve also included a bar graph for each species, which can help you measure your progress as you and your team strive to achieve your patient care goals.

greenpaw_3And most importantly, we provide a spreadsheet with full details of treatment by patient!

Watch the videos below for feedback on–and reactions to–the Preventive Care Snapshot report.

Watch Brenda Tassava tell her story about how the idea for Preventive Care Snapshot was born.

Watch the reaction of practice manager Yvette Adreano as she reviews her Preventive Care Snapshot for the first time!

Watch as Dr. Jim Brown and Brenda Tassava discuss the importance of preventive care for pets. Dr. Brown provides feedback on his Preventive Care Snapshot report.

Dr. Stacee Santi and Brenda Tassava have a lively discussion about preventive care compliance and the importance of tracking how your practice is doing.

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