Data Router for Pet Insurance

Effortlessly pass data requested as part of insurance claims on behalf of pet owners, all with zero staff involvement.

Reclaim staff time.

Pet insurance is growing. And so are the demands on your staff’s workload. Give your team the gift of time by opting into the Data Router for Pet Insurance from VetSuccess.

Thanks to a secure data connection, VetSuccess can transmit invoice and medical history data associated with submitted claims directly to insurers for claims processing.


This service is complimentary for VetSuccess customers and a win-win for both your practice and your clients.

Eliminates non-essential
staff work

Reduces phone calls
and faxes

Improves claims process
for pet owners


Automate busy work and gain efficiency.

Every unnecessary phone call and fax adds up. Reduce calls from insurers requesting invoices and medical notes associated with claims by utilizing your existing VetSuccess data connection.

We will securely send specific records necessary for claims processing directly to insurers, saving you time and effort.

Safe, secure, and reliable.

As always with VetSuccess, privacy and data security are strictly upheld—the Data Router operates with your explicit practice permission and under our rigorous data security protocols.

In addition to this service, you’ll also receive a monthly report listing which records were sent to which insurer.



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