Benchmark Your Practice

It’s our job to give you the tools you need to transform your data into practice success, and we take it very seriously! This handy resource book, VetSuccess Data Snapshots & Solutions, Volume 1, is our first epic attempt to help practices look outside their walls and right into other practices.

Unlike many of the available veterinary industry benchmark studies, it allows you the flexibility to choose your own adventure and explore the detail behind the participating practices.

Inside, you’ll find detailed notes and recommendations from leading practice management consultant, Brenda Tassava, CVPM, from her consultations on 15 Practice Overview Reports.

For ease of use, we have categorized the practice management solutions by five common practice issues:

• Client Retention
• Revenue Growth
• Diversification of Services
• Strategic Planning for the Future
• New Client Growth

And There’s More!

In the appendix to VetSuccess Data Snapshots and Solutions, Volume 1, we’ve created a chart that we call Practice Vitals. The chart is sorted by both Full Time Equivalent DVMs and 2014 practice revenue, but it also reports on other elements including:

• Active Clients and Patients
• Average Revenue per Unique Client
• % of Patients that are Current
• Average Unique Client Visits per month

This chart not only includes the practices highlighted throughout the resource, but it also includes twenty-five other practices, allowing you to compare your practice “vitals” to forty other VetSuccess practices.

Take advantage of a special membership offer including professional consulting, only available to those who download the ebook.

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