Introducing BMDM – a fecal reminder program statistically proven to increase fecal compliance by 55%

Boost preventive care and overall practice revenue with this supplemental direct mail program

Turn poop into profit…and healthier patients!
Watch this quick video to learn which other areas of compliance—and revenue—improve with BMDM.



Three years of data showed us a statistically significant correlation between fecal testing and overall practice revenue.
Partnering with Elanco, we ran a controlled experiment to see if we could help increase fecal compliance.

  • Clients in both our test and control groups received standard wellness exam reminders from their veterinarians.
  • Clients in our test group also received a supplemental letter reinforcing the importance of fecal exams, accompanied by a stool collection bag.

We discovered that the supplemental mailer boosts preventive care and practice revenue. Take a look at these stats*


Increase in fecal compliance


Greater likelihood that patients visiting the practice will complete a fecal test


Increase in fecal revenue


Increase in wellness exam revenue


Greater likelihood that patients visiting will purchase at least one vaccine


Greater likelihood to purchase parasiticides

And… an average incremental revenue of almost $20 per patient mailed and $40 per patient visit, for every mailer sent!

“Through my clinical experiences, I have come to believe that fecal tests were a gateway to increased parasiticide compliance and overall preventive care. Now, thanks to VetSuccess and Elanco, we have proof of that and more!”

—Reed Stevens, DVM, Owner, Ellicott Small Animal Hospital

*When compared to patients who did not receive a mailer that visited the practice, patients who received a mailer and visited the practice are 135% more likely to complete a fecal test (~ 2.4 times more likely), and 58% more likely to purchase at least one vaccine (1.576 times more likely). Patients who received a mailer have a tendency to be 28% more likely to purchase parasiticides as compared to those who did not receive a mailer. (~ 1.3 times more likely). Fecal revenue per active patient was 57% higher on average for patients that received the mailer as compared to patients that did not receive the mailer. Wellness revenue per active patient was 15% higher on average for patients that received the mailer as compared to patients that did not receive the mailer.



BMDM gets more poop into practices.

BMDM is a completely automated, direct mail program that supplements your practice’s existing wellness reminder system. VetSuccess’s algorithm identifies clients who have not been into your practice or are overdue for a fecal test and initiates the supplemental reminder mailer on your behalf.

No need to lift a finger. We take care of everything.

Because it’s designed to supplement – not replace – your existing reminder protocol, just you keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing, and watch the poop bags roll in!

Here’s what to expect when you sign up for BMDM:

We’ll send carefully crafted, personalized reminder letters to your clients.

View sample letter.

We attach one stool collection bag per letter.

You’ll receive a monthly performance report indicating how many mailers went out, how many fecal exams came in, and the total revenue generated through BMDM.

View sample report.



After consulting with veterinarians and studying 3 years of data from 969 practices, 220MM invoice items, and 7.5MM canines, our experts discovered a significant correlation between improved fecal compliance and an increase in overall preventive care and practice revenue. This got us thinking…

Is there a way for us to increase fecal testing in practices?

If yes, will doing so promote better preventive care and greater practice revenue?

Let the experiment begin!

We recruited 23 practices from 3 geographic areas: California, Florida and Illinois. From these practices, we acquired data on those canine patients for whom there was a wellness exam reminder on file.


patients in total


patients (our test group) were sent the supplemental letter and stool collection bag

Three months later, we revisited our test practices and took a look at their patient data to see how the supplemental reminder had impacted fecal compliance and practice revenue. That’s when we discovered… The incredible power of poop!



Maximize your full poo-tential!

Join this affordable movement today for $2.75 per mailer (includes postage)!

  • You set the monthly budget for your practice – $50, $100, $250, $500, or unlimited – and we’ll work with that.
  • Please note, a connection fee of $25/month applies to non-VetSuccess-members.

You’ve got nothing to lose and healthier patients and revenue to gain!

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For the love of science and continuous program evaluation, VetSuccess reserves the right to review data from a small, designated control group.

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