Using VetSuccess reports to inspire and engage your team


As owners and managers, we often hear that employees need to be engaged and that there needs to be transparency and a sharing of “the books” with employees.  The use of VetSuccess Practice Overview Reports and the Compliance Tracker can help you accomplish engagement and sharing in an easy way.

We know that employees are motivated more by the “Why” they do what they do rather than the revenue of the hospital.

Often as leaders in the hospital, we show the team a bunch of graphs and financial percentages that really don’t mean much to them. Just practicing “open book management” often doesn’t bring the result we would like (increasing revenue for the most part) because the team just can’t find a true value or what is in it for them (WIIFM).

According to the Dale Carnegie Training Center, startling employee engagement statistics show that 29% of the workforce is engaged, 45% are not engaged, and 26% are actively disengaged.

The least engaged group is the Millennial generation. Researchers suggest this is because younger workers may not be getting the jobs they had hoped for after college, and often feel they’re in roles that do not allow them to use their talents and strengths.  By involving these individuals in helping our patients remain healthier through preventative health care, leaders commit to truly engaging their employees and helping to transform their entire hospital.

Years ago, I heard it said that “good medicine=good business”. This has been proven over and over and is truly a win-win for everyone. Now that I have hopefully convinced you about the reasons for and value of engaging your employees in this way, I need to focus on the logistics of how to do it.

Let’s take a closer look at how to engage your employees.

Consultants with VetSuccess recommend that the reports become a part of your regularly scheduled staff meetings. By looking at these as “scorecards” and reviewing them frequently, the team can compare their current statistics to their historical ones. It becomes a living document that is easy to read and see improvements (or declines).

Inspiring your team by setting goals becomes a challenge that they can embrace as they see a benefit in doing so. As an example, it can be shocking when they see what a low percentage of canine patients are protected against heartworms or intestinal parasites. Rarely have I seen a team that was able to guess correctly what percentage of the hospital’s patients were adequately covered. The guessing usually is on the high side and the team is shocked at how much lower the numbers truly are.

The TEAM is motivated to get those pets protected and, in doing so, the HOSPITAL wins by increasing the revenue.

By purposely not focusing on the business and dollar side of the equation, the team gives “buy in” because they are motivated to help the pet.

Don’t get too many balls going at once in this juggling act. Allow the team to pick one or two items (for example: Increasing your number of heartworm tests completed or increasing the number of patients who are protected for 12 months of the year with parasiticides) on the scorecard to focus on for the next month or quarter.

Solicit their thoughts on the “how to-do it”. Utilizing their individual talents is key. Some might be skilled at creating a quick video for your Facebook page, writing a blog for your website, designing flyers for the hospital, coming up with a raffle or special, or just being a cheerleader for the project chosen.

Set goals together and measure them weekly instead of waiting for the next monthly or quarterly report to come out.  With the goal, give the team a budget they can reward themselves with and then allow them to come up with what would best motivate them. Maybe a gift card to Starbucks would make the majority happy or perhaps your team is very bonded and would prefer to go out as a group to play laser tag. Rewards can be rotated so everyone stays excited and energized.

Experience has shown that keeping the timeframe relatively short will help them to stay focused and more engaged. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of focusing on end goals that benefit the individual pet. Anything you can do to personalize the goal will appeal and inspire your team to a higher degree.

VetSuccess has done all the grunt work of gathering your data and giving you reports that are easy to read and understand. Now let the creativity and uniqueness of each of your teams bring the reports to life by working together to come up with ways to increase your revenue. Utilize the reports as scorecards to inspire your team to increase compliance with your patients.

Use the VetSuccess Compliance Tracker to help your team easily set goals that increase patient compliance.