The best feeling in the world!


Yesterday was a good day. Our team was all involved deep in the work of our day-to-day. We were servicing our member practices, working on new product ideas, planning for 2016. It was a regular and busy Thursday. Then two things happened. 

I got an email from a practice group that we’ve been talking to. Like many groups they’re struggling with normalizing their practice data and figuring out how to look at and organize their data. We’ve been sharing our work with them for a few weeks. They agree that VetSuccess can get them a long way down the road. We had a short call and they signed ten practices up with us. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the revenue associated with that decision wasn’t important to us. It is. Like everyone else our team has families and financial commitments. We need the revenue. But this is about way more than money. There is an extreme level of satisfaction when people put their confidence in us and see the value of our work (and yes, pay us for it). It feels great and it makes us work harder and smarter and ever more committed.

But something else happened yesterday and I didn’t find out about until this morning when I read my Open Forum digest from the VHMA.

An aside: Are you a member of the Vet Hospital Manager’s Association? If you’re not, and you’re in the veterinary industry, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’ve shared somewhat quietly (and now very publicly) that the very first thing I read every morning before I get out of bed is the Open Forum digest that lands in my inbox somewhere between 2am and 3am each day. Every morning. Before I get out of bed. Including Saturdays and Sundays. This is among the best ways that I’ve found to keep a pulse on what’s happening in veterinary practices and what their challenges are. Practice Managers share their triumphs and challenges. They answer each other’s questions and even (recently) share birth announcements. It’s a community and it’s impressive. I should also mention that our team has been so impressed with VHMA, their leadership, their membership, their programming, and their resources that we became a sponsor this year.

And for as much as we love reading the Open Forum we’re also really respectful of that space. It belongs to Practice Managers. We’re invited guests. The very few times I’ve commented on the forum it’s been about tools and resources available in the industry that I might know about. We try really hard not to post anything commercial.

VHMAOK, back to this morning. The Open Forum digest comes with a table of contents. I scan the table of contents every day to see which items pique my interest the most. And there, at number 4 and 5, nestled between a discussion on PTO and one on Inventory, were two comments on “VetSuccess”.

My heart skipped a beat. These things can go well and they can go….less well. I scrolled down. Here’s what I read:


VHMAVS1          VHMAVS2

Remember – yesterday I spoke with a practice group that signed on ten practices. That kind of commercial recognition is incredibly important. But this, this is different. Here are two practices that weren’t asked to provide a testimonial. They just did it. They’re just sharing something great with the rest of their community.

But it’s something great that our team built. That our team is committed to. That our team has toiled over for a long time. That our team is passionate about.

This kind of recognition is very hard to describe. Sitting on the receiving end I’m reminded of how important it is to give feedback, testimonials and referrals. They’re feel-good fuel for great work and creativity. I’m going to try and give more positive feedback, testimonials, and referrals because this — this feeling right now — this feeling is the best feeling in the world!

We’re grateful. I’m grateful. Thank you.