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Don’t just think outside the box: Approaching our veterinary practice challenges with alternative thinking

  Unprecedented times, periods of upheaval and tumultuous change, valleys of hardship that we think will exist indefinitely – not to start this off on such a grim note but let’s face it, these are all inevitable challenges of real life for any of us in veterinary practices. While accepting this to be...Read More

New veterinary revenue model indicates visits per year have greater impact than higher ACT

One of the best things about math, specifically data analysis, is its ability to tease out truth from speculation. There are a lot of schools of thought on the best way to increase veterinary revenue, with Average Client Transaction (ACT) historically reigning supreme across the industry. Well, thanks to a new statistical model,...Read More

Treating staff like humans: How veterinary mentoring can revitalize engagement in your practice

Today most employees, especially those who work in the veterinary field, are still searching for a better balance between their mental health and their career. With the job market like it is though, employees have the luxury of choosing from many green pastures. They no longer feel forced to grovel for the plot...Read More

CVPM opens up about coping during COVID-19 plus highlights something we’re all missing here

Just a few short weeks ago, I was spending my days working on long-term exit strategy planning for my practice owner and myself about five or six years out. I was fretting about profitability, valuations, fee schedules, and all the relevant things one would normally think of. I was even making plans for...Read More

Forward booking in the time of COVID-19: Uncertain times call for certain measures

In uncertain times, we often look for things that we can predict or control. As things constantly change in the world, and certainly within veterinary practices, it’s important to spend our time and energy on the things we can influence.  With the recent release of data showing a decline in patient visits and...Read More

What veterinary practices are doing to manage COVID-19

  1. Develop a Plan Across the globe, we’re seeing a clear need for practices to set a COVID-19 operation plan. This isn’t business as usual and many practices are adjusting procedures and responding quickly to the shifting environment. We’re seeing practices implement the following measures:   Curbside service & vehicle waiting roomPractices...Read More

COVID-19 financial focus: Veterinary practice financial FAQs and 8 action items for managing the pandemic

  I’m writing this post on the morning of March 19th. It is almost certain that by the time you read this, additional initiatives will be in place. Things are changing rapidly and we know the news services are struggling to make sense of information disseminated at news conferences with no written documentation...Read More

Reclaim your time and gain unique ROI by grooming staff for future veterinary practice leadership (pun intended)

  Which of these scenarios resonate more with you? A hospital where the practice manager or owner spends most of the day putting out fires, frequently handling client concerns, and knee-jerk reacting to everything. A hospital where the practice manager or owner spends most of the day developing their staff, continually working on...Read More

The gentle nudge: How veterinary practices can fix their leaky bucket and retrieve valuable lapsing patients

It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by. I nearly forgot to get an inspection sticker for my car before the end of the month, my doctor reminded me that it had been 18 months since my last check-up, and I just received a second reminder to renew my dog’s license. I have...Read More

Data normalization: What it really is and how it powers veterinary industry trendlines and benchmarks

  It’s no secret for those in the veterinary industry, practice management software data, aka PIMS data, can get very messy. It’s far too easy to end up with lots of different names for things and codes that come and go. Perhaps an enterprising practice manager initiates a PIMS clean-up and beautifully recategorizes...Read More