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Millennial client confession: 6 things I wish my veterinary practice knew

  Millennials, aka those born between 1981 and 1996, are currently the largest generation in America. When it comes to attracting and retaining millennial clients, this often misunderstood cohort presents unique challenges and opportunities for veterinary practices. Business as usual no longer flies when it comes to millennials.  But fear not, I’m one...Read More

Ditch dirty money: Implementing contactless payments in your practice

  It’s “COVID times,” and your team is stretched thin—they’re running back and forth to the parking lot, making and receiving countless phone calls each day, and trying to juggle increasing demand for veterinary care—often with more appointment requests than available appointment slots.  2020 has not been easy, but we’re all adapting so...Read More

ICYMI Key takeaways from the VHMA 2020 Annual Meeting & Conference

  We’ve all had to pivot this year due to COVID-19 and the VHMA 2020 Annual Meeting & Conference is no exception. This year’s conference seamlessly shifted from your typical in-person event to an online, virtual experience spanning nearly the full month of September. Attendees had around 18 sessions to choose from and,...Read More

National Veterinary Technician Week: 5 safe ways to celebrate your vet techs and nurses during the pandemic

  Being a vet tech is hard during the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic.  Not only are they on their feet all day caring for critters, they’re now doing it all with a mask on, curbside, six feet apart from some very agitated and anxious clients. They’re hanging in...Read More

It’s time to get your practice PUMPED about the pet insurance of today

  I love pet insurance. There, I said it. Full disclosure, I did work in pet insurance for 7 years, but even now I am still very passionate about it. I also may be a bit biased, but I learned from the best; helping cultivate this passion. I’ve experienced pet insurance at the...Read More

Dos and don’ts for veterinary practices from a first-time dog owner during the pandemic

Three months into quarantine and three years of constant requests from our son, we finally said yes to a puppy — that’s right, a pandemic puppy. We welcomed Chilly, the cutest Whoodle known to man, into our home when he was nine weeks old. We of course made an appointment with a veterinary...Read More

Stressful times cause stressed-out clients: How to handle shocking client behavior in your veterinary practice

  As a practice manager, I’ve seen countless business challenges for my four-doctor practice over the past several months in response to COVID-19. I’m sure you’ve experienced much of the same. But, to me, the absolute most surprising and disappointing challenge has been client behavior.   I have worked with my fair share of...Read More

5 ways COVID-19 and Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease changed this New York veterinary practice’s SOP

  When COVID-19 started hitting the New York area hard, we weren’t sure how Long Island Bird and Exotics Veterinary Clinic would be affected. Would people continue to want to bring their pets in for emergency visits? What about routine appointments?  We’ve found the answer to both of these questions to be a...Read More

AVMA chief economist weighs in on recent findings: Veterinary ACT versus visits for revenue

  I knew I would enjoy the previous VetSuccess blog post titled “New veterinary revenue model indicates visits per year have greater impact than higher ACT” when I read the first sentence: “One of the best things about math, specifically data analysis, is its ability to tease out truth from speculation.” It gets...Read More

4 veterinary inventory trends to watch in 2020: Is your practice ahead of the curve?

  Years and years ago, when I first began my journey in veterinary medicine, managing inventory was more of an afterthought and focused on product replenishment rather than maintaining a critical operation, a business inside of a business. I vividly recall my practice manager scouring through every item in the practice and diligently...Read More