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Beyond the Numbers Blog Thoughts & Advice on Veterinary Practice Management

Here’s How and Why We Used Our Secret Sauce to Make AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts Adoption Easier

It’s no secret that the coding of transactions in our industry is a bit of a mess. Over time, practices have built their own systems for keeping track of the services they perform and the products they sell using unique codes in their PIMS (practice information management system). Any reader of this blog...Read More

Clients Crave Community: Here’s How to Foster an Awesome Online Community Your Clients Deserve

With the responsibility of attracting customers and turning them into long term clients, we all have to wear the marketing hat from time to time. The easiest (and most rewarding) way to do this is by building strong relationships with clients so that they feel part of a greater community or tribe. But...Read More

3 Surprising Benefits of a Veterinary Home Delivery Program (Besides Revenue) That’ll Make Your Day and Your Client’s Too

In the increasingly crowded landscape of online shopping and home delivery, it’s no wonder veterinarians are feeling the squeeze on their bottom line. Mega-retailers like Walmart® are expanding their services to offer pet pharmacies and in-store veterinary clinics—so it’s more important than ever to stay competitive by offering your clients the options they’re...Read More

Game of Thrones – Veterinary Practice Edition: What to Do When Your Office Culture Feels More Like an Epic Power Struggle

To be alive in 2019 means you’ve at least heard of the hit tv show Game of Thrones on HBO. The highly-anticipated series finale recently aired on May 19th, 2019. Even if you’re not a diehard fan, you have at least some sense that it’s a show about the epic power struggle for...Read More

Lapsing Clients Mystery: Can You Figure Out Why This South Carolina Practice Was Losing Hundreds of Clients?

Detective Keystone reporting for duty on the case of the lapsing clients. Let’s start at the beginning of this lapsing client mystery I have to say: working in the veterinary industry has been one of the most unusual and unexpected career paths for me. I’m sure if you spent most of your life...Read More

4 Leadership Archetypes: Why Negative Data Gets Your Boss in a Tizzy and What You Can Do About It.

Do you know what your owner’s leadership archetype is? Read on to find out. If you’re in any sort of leadership position at your practice, there’s no doubt you’ve been the bearer of bad news to your owners at least once or twice. Even with a booming pet industry, there’s still the potential...Read More

Growth Planning: See the Clever Way One Practice Achieved a 22% Growth in Active Canine Patients in 12 Months

It had been a tough year for this practice. It began with some shake-ups on the team. This resulted in a wave of hiring and training—a time-consuming albeit important task. The changes were all positive and the practice started out the year in high spirits and enthusiasm, ready to tackle their growth planning...Read More

Does Training New Employees Feel like a Burden? Are You Setting New Team Members up to Fail? Consider Phase Training

Training staff members is often a challenge in a veterinary practice, for many reasons. Firstly, hiring and training is expensive and like any expensive investment, it needs to have value. Secondly, we have a huge problem in our industry with “sink or swim” style training. Let’s face it, you are training a new...Read More