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Tips on improving the client experience in your practice

As VP Marketing for VetSuccess, I seize the opportunity to spend time with our members whenever I can, as I learn so much from them. Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a retreat for practice managers, along with our National Accounts Manager Extraordinaire, Sally Jackson.

I stand in complete awe of veterinary practice managers and everything they must juggle daily: HR, financials, management processes, client relationships, marketing, inventory, sourcing, purchasing, budgeting, business planning and oversight – the list goes on. And on top of all this, they’re tasked with being medical experts, too! Practice managers have many hats to wear, and I have tremendous respect for anyone in this challenging role.

What struck me the most during the retreat was how overwhelming the scope of responsibility must seem at times. It was great to see this awesome group of managers sharing ideas on so many topics, and being so willing to help one another become more successful.

Valuable tips from your industry peers

As part of a service mapping exercise, participants were asked to examine each step of the client experience and come up with ways to improve service. Here are a few of the great ideas and best practices they came up with.

Pre-appointment marketing

Upon arrival at reception

The check-in experience sets the tone for the visit and needs to be as welcoming and stress-free as possible. With this in mind:

During the appointment

Upon check-out

Using veterinary practice data to improve the client experience

As you know, we’re in the business of helping practices be more successful by providing data-driven practice management solutions. You can use these solutions to help improve your customer service. Soon, we’ll be producing a series of webinars to assist you with this. To help us ensure these webinars provide as much value as possible, we’d appreciate it if you could take five minutes out of your busy day to complete a brief survey:  How Much Do You Love Data? [2] Thanks in advance!