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Data mining made easy for the busy manager

A practice manager’s days are jam packed with everything from clients who didn’t expect to pay, to maintaining patient care protocols, inventory concerns and all manner of employee issues. In between all of this, it is difficult to find time to scour reports and pull out relevant data. The solution to this for our practices has been VetSuccess reports, which have proven to be simple and easy to share. They offer a quick view of what is really happening in the practice, not just what someone “thinks” is going on. How often do you hear that ALL the dogs are getting rabies vaccinations or wellness lab work per our protocol? The real story can be found in your practice data.

The Preventative Care Snapshot report is just that, a snapshot of what is actually happening. With data mapped straight from AviMark and based on our own protocols, I get real facts instead of guesswork or intuition on how we are doing. Everyone on the team can understand a green, yellow, red light concept that visually breaks out care provided by age group. There are just not enough hours in the day for managers to dig for the information on exams, wellness bloodwork and vaccines. From this report, I discovered that one of our practices does an amazing job with wellness exams but strangely only a mediocre job with distemper vaccinations. Another practice has distemper vaccinations and wellness exams in the green zone, but neither is getting heartworm tests into that green level. Since this is based strictly on our recommendations, the report tells us that we need more training to get the whole team on the same page.

My personal favorite is the Practice Overview report. It provides solid data to compare growth and trends. There is a wealth of information in our practice management software but it often feels like a programming degree is required to be able to extract what we need. An unexpected benefit of the Practice Overview has been the ability to track our email collection. We send email reminders to our very tech savvy clientele. There is no way this reminder system can work if emails are not in AviMark. And by knowing the number of active patients and their ages, marketing efforts can be directed more effectively. Client retention, new clients and even which services are bringing in income are found on this monthly report.

Getting pets protected from parasites in Florida is vital. The Parasiticide Action report sponsored by Elanco offers a real answer to our effectiveness in communicating the urgency of getting appropriate preventatives for patients. This report offers a simple interpretation of how we are doing based on protocols set by practice leadership. It tells me relevant revenue and, equally important, total doses sold for both dogs and cats. I get data on products sold for internal parasites, external parasites and combo parasiticides and the ages of pets protected; thus answering the question of whether we are protecting puppies, adults and senior pets with a compliance section. The opportunity section pulls the dollars lost by missing recommended protection. It includes a breakdown by product, doses and revenue with historical comparison, which I found equally enlightening. The report told us that leadership’s direction had lost ground to individual choice. Change cannot begin if I don’t know what is really happening at the front desk, and the data visualizations tell the story.

I tend to be as skeptical as the next manager regarding the vast array of offerings to help me manage the practice. The VetSuccess reports have proven to exceed my expectations.

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