Conducting productive staff meetings using your practice overview report


If you’re like most practice managers, planning productive staff meetings might be the last thing on your long list of “to-do’s”. However, the time you carve out to conduct team meetings is extremely important, not to mention expensive. With that in mind, you need to assure that it is time well spent!

Your monthly Practice Overview Report (POR) is the perfect framework for putting together a consistent staff meeting that is focused, leads to good discussion, and in most cases gets the staff pumped up about reaching new heights of success. Employees want to feel appreciated, and they want to contribute to something bigger than themselves. This is where the POR can really improve your workplace! When veterinary hospitals share the data with their team, and have frank discussions about how individuals impact the data, employees become inspired to elevate their performance.

Sharing the Data

If you want to light the fires that burn within your veterinary employees, then it’s got to be all about patient care when it comes to sharing data. Dollars might fall on deaf ears, but when it comes to how well your practice is able to positively impact patients’ lives, people perk up and listen!

Active Clients With Emails on File

Share this percentage with your team and set a new goal for them to reach. Discuss the importance of collecting emails by connecting this communication style to today’s world. Without an email on file, we are missing a valuable opportunity to assure that a pet stays on course with preventive care. I once had a staff meeting with a practice team who had achieved 98% active clients with emails on file. I told them what a fantastic achievement this was, and asked them how they did it. Their response? “We just ask clients for it. It’s like asking for a phone number.”

Current, Lapsing and Lapsed Patients

Start this discussion by defining each category for your staff. Celebrate the number of re-activated patients you have each month! Brainstorm ways to reduce the number of lapsing and lapsed patients with your team. Once they understand the impact of forward booking when it comes to decreasing lapsed patients who don’t receive the preventive care they need, they quickly make it their mission to get those clients to forward book!

No birthday on file?

Discuss this with your team to remind everyone the importance of obtaining an approximate birthdate for each and every patient. In one recent staff meeting discussion, the team shared that they were encountering a large number of clients who were disputing the birthdate that was listed in the computer. They quickly realized that their computer system was defaulting to the date seen when that field was completed, and calculating a year based on the age entered in the computer system. A good rule of thumb for consistently recording approximate ages is to enter 1/1/___ with the year of the approximate age. This keeps everyone on the staff informed that a particular pet’s birthday was approximated rather than given by the client.

Client retention

Celebrate your ability to convert clients into long term clients, while also exploring ways to improve loyalty to the practice. If your practice is considering a custom app with a loyalty and rewards program ,this open discussion leads to powerful buy-in from the team when it comes to engaging clients to download your app. It’s no longer “one more thing we have to talk about”, but rather it becomes a tool your entire team can use to make your clients happy (while taking care of more pets)!

Setting and Tracking Goals Around the Data

At each point along your data discussions, take a moment to encourage your staff to set new goals. They are already in brainstorm mode, so there’s no time like the present to set the bar a little higher. When guiding your team to set a new goal, always remember:

  • Ask the staff for a target number they’d like to achieve.
  • Set a time-frame or target date for achieving the new goal.
  • Allow discussion time for how they will work together to reach this new goal. Ask: “What should we do differently to reach this new goal?”

Data isn’t just for managers and owners—your entire staff will feel much more appreciated when you keep them in the loop. Make sharing your monthly POR a part of your staff meetings. Not only will your staff meetings be easier to plan, but also your team will most likely look forward to hearing how their efforts are impacting your patients and clients!