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Vet tech week: Top 5 creative ways to honor your technicians

Being a vet tech is HARD.  They’re on their feet all day, dodging fecal matter, filling meds, placing catheters, and just about breaking their backs lifting dogs. Meanwhile, there’s no end to the amount of love, care, and support they provide pets. This is why fathers get a day, but vet techs get...Read More

How a great veterinary receptionist can support your success

If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes in a veterinary practice, you’ll know that the veterinary receptionist has one of the hardest jobs out there. I would rather spay 10 fat labs than spend one day working at the front desk. As a veterinary receptionist, you have to spend the entire day...Read More

How to use stay interviews to reduce unwanted turnover

At every practice, turnover is something that we have to deal with. While some turnover is unavoidable, and in some cases, even helpful, it always represents a substantial cost to the practice. How much does it cost to replace a team member? A whole heck of a lot - that’s how much! Taking...Read More

2 ways to increase profitability in your veterinary practice

When it comes to increasing the bottom line of your Profit and Loss (P&L) statement, you have options. You can take the approach of focusing on expense management, or you can focus on increasing revenue. Which do you choose? Trick question; you don’t. Both have an impact on your bottom line. The correct...Read More

Ouch! What to do when your veterinary practice receives a negative online review

You’re sitting at your desk when you get an email notifying you that your practice has just received an online review. Eager to read the great things yet another client has written about your veterinary practice, you click on the link. Lo and behold, what awaits you is a one-star review, complete with...Read More