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Millennial client confession: 6 things I wish my veterinary practice knew

  Millennials, aka those born between 1981 and 1996, are currently the largest generation in America. When it comes to attracting and retaining millennial clients, this often misunderstood cohort presents unique challenges and opportunities for veterinary practices. Business as usual no longer flies when it comes to millennials.  But fear not, I’m one...Read More

Managing millennials takes heart: 8 leadership rules from Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach’s new book “Wolfpack”

Take a look around your practice and you’ll likely see an abundance of employees who fall into the millennial category. According to Forbes, millennials will comprise almost 35% of the workforce by 2020. Since this unique generation is often deeply misunderstood, managing millennials can present challenges to even the most seasoned professional. However,...Read More

How to conduct a strong, successful millennial job interview (And hire the right candidate)

There are a growing number of millennials entering the workforce. So, when hiring it is important to understand what the ins and outs of the interview process with a millennial candidate should look like. A different approach is called for than when interviewing older generations. From preparing candidates for the interview, to “de-coding”...Read More

5 simple sales tips for client-phobic millennials

Perhaps, like me, you are a millennial who is introverted and gets nervous when speaking to clients. If so, it can be especially difficult when you are required to sell them products and services. Or perhaps you are more extroverted and having conversations with clients comes naturally to you. Regardless of your personality...Read More

What millennial pet parents are searching for in a veterinary practice

I am a millennial pet parent who moved across the country less than a year ago. I have 2 cats: Sierra, who is almost 13 years old, and Opal who is 5. They are both due for their annual exams soon, which means I had to find a veterinarian in my new neighborhood....Read More

How to hire, engage and leverage the millennials in your veterinary practice

On the VetSuccess blog we do our best to bring you insight into topics that impact you and the success of your practice. While we’re delighted by your interest in all of our posts, we’ve definitely noticed a few that get more than their fair share of attention from our readers. Our millennial...Read More

Four common complaints about millennial employees and how to overcome them within your veterinary practice

Millennials, Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers are all unique in their own way. Learning how to manage multiple generations within a single workplace can definitely be a challenge. Chances are you’ve already experienced this within your own veterinary practice. In the veterinary profession, most practice managers are Baby Boomers or Gen-Xers. Meanwhile, many practice...Read More

Why millennials are an asset to your veterinary practice

Understanding the value of practice data reports isn’t difficult. Data reports like those offered by VetSuccess can help you identify opportunities and set practice goals. This, in turn, can help you offer better patient care and run a more successful practice. As for understanding the reports themselves, that’s not always quite as easy....Read More

What do millennials want as employees in a veterinary hospital?

Who are Millennials? The generation of children born between 1982-2002, whose ages range from 15 – 35 years. Some Millennials have been in the workplace for many years while others are just graduating college. They make up a very large percentage of the workforce, and their numbers are growing. However, at the same time,...Read More

My vet experience as a young millennial cat owner

For my 11th birthday, I received my best friend as a gift; my cat named Sierra (a.k.a. Bears). Now that I am a young Millennial at 22 years old, I am solely responsible for taking my senior cat to the veterinarian, but haven’t had much experience doing that yet. When Sierra was younger,...Read More