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How important is your veterinary practice website? (Spoiler alert: VERY!)

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In my November 2017 post, I wrote about the role organizational culture plays in creating a theme for your veterinary practice. Whatever your theme may be, it ought to be reflected not only in your staff, your procedures and your physical environment, but also on your website. Your website is one of the...Read More

How to get more out of your veterinary practice’s loyalty program

As you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of loyalty programs. In recent weeks, I’ve written about the value of having a loyalty program, shared five fundamental factors for success, and explained the difference between loyalty programs and discount programs. Let’s say you’re on board with all of the above, you’ve got...Read More

Email address collection: How to improve the efficiency of your veterinary practice

As a practice manager, you always have a long list of tasks and initiatives fighting for your attention. (I’ve touched on this in a couple of previous posts, including one on how to create a more manageable workload). One of the tools I like to use when attempting to prioritize such a list...Read More

Why a loyalty program is not a discount program

One of the common objections veterinary practices seem to have about implementing loyalty programs is that they don’t like to discount their services. But here’s the thing: a loyalty program is not a discount program. In fact, if you are strategic about your program, you will actually prevent discounting. And if that’s not...Read More

Five fundamental factors of a successful loyalty program

If you read my last post on loyalty programs, you were hopefully inspired to think about how such a program could benefit your practice. But before you jump in head first, I would like to share the five fundamental factors of success. At Vet2Pet, we have helped hundreds of practices implement loyalty programs,...Read More

The power of Yelp: How to overcome the challenges and grow positive reviews

In my last post, I talked about the importance of generating positive online reviews for your practice, and by positive I mean four-star rankings or higher. In this post I’m going to reveal a powerful strategy that Yelp would prefer you not to know about, but first, a little context. Building your reputation...Read More

Why your veterinary practice needs a loyalty program

I was a practice manager at a busy four-doctor practice when we first launched a loyalty program. It was 2011 and we were treading uncharted waters. No one had ever done anything like this in our industry before, and we had no idea if it would work. One day, a client brought his...Read More

Boost your veterinary practice with positive online reviews

This post touches on something that’s critical to your practice – positive online reviews – so no beating around the bush. I’m jumping straight in with a stat. Here goes: 91% of consumers actively seek out online reviews for local businesses(1) If your veterinary practice is clogging up social media platforms with its...Read More

5 simple social media steps to help you promote your veterinary practice

Lawn signs, window clings, in-clinic posters – there are all kinds of wonderful ways to engage your clients when they’re in or near your clinic, but what about when they’re not? Sure, you have a website, but what are you doing to drive your clients there? You may feature your latest promotion or...Read More

Ouch! What to do when your veterinary practice receives a negative online review

You’re sitting at your desk when you get an email notifying you that your practice has just received an online review. Eager to read the great things yet another client has written about your veterinary practice, you click on the link. Lo and behold, what awaits you is a one-star review, complete with...Read More