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How to optimize your online presence in the eyes of Google and boost brand awareness for your veterinary practice

  The best way to get customers to come to your veterinary practice is to boost its visibility online. Most potential clients will be looking for a practice close to them, making local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) an effective tool. One of the most potent local SEO tools is Google Business Profile, formerly...Read More

Data for your entire marketing journey: Quick Q&A with a top veterinary marketing consultant

  Successful veterinary marketing takes more than just a rusty old website from the ‘90s. Nowadays there are many sophisticated ways to market your veterinary practice and also track the impact of those efforts. To dig into this and the role data plays in veterinary marketing, we sat down with top veterinary marketing...Read More

Facebook for Veterinary Practices: the ever-changing and constantly evolving way to engage with pet owners online

  According to Statista, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide, with roughly 2.85 billion monthly active users. And while your veterinary practice may only serve a fraction of those billions of users, you can guarantee that the vast majority of your clients use Facebook. If your veterinary practice is not on...Read More

Forward booking in the time of COVID-19: Uncertain times call for certain measures

In uncertain times, we often look for things that we can predict or control. As things constantly change in the world, and certainly within veterinary practices, it’s important to spend our time and energy on the things we can influence.  With the recent release of data showing a decline in patient visits and...Read More

Loyalty programs: What Starbucks can teach the veterinary industry – Grab your coffee and read on

One question that frequently comes up on many veterinary discussion boards is, should we participate in a loyalty program for our hospital?  Let´s spend some time breaking down what a loyalty program is, why we should use one, and how we should structure it. Coffee aficionados rejoice! There’s much to be learned from...Read More

7 ways to absolutely crush your client acquisition goals without draining your time or money

You’re never too busy for more clients, right? That’s awesome if your practice is at capacity, but for most of us, we’re always searching for ways to grow our business through client acquisition. Acquiring new clients doesn’t have to be challenging – and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Let’s dig into...Read More

3 surprising benefits of a veterinary home delivery program (besides revenue) that’ll make your day and your client’s too

In the increasingly crowded landscape of online shopping and home delivery, it’s no wonder veterinarians are feeling the squeeze on their bottom line. Mega-retailers like Walmart® are expanding their services to offer pet pharmacies and in-store veterinary clinics—so it’s more important than ever to stay competitive by offering your clients the options they’re...Read More

Is a loyalty program right for your veterinary practice? How 5% of your clients can generate an additional $100,000 in revenue

Loyalty programs are all the talk these days. You don’t have to look very far to find a business with a loyalty program. Coffee shops were among the first to discover the value of a loyalty program for client retention but now all sorts of businesses have jumped on the band wagon, including...Read More

Dentists do it, so can veterinarians! The hows and whys of forward-booking your veterinary patient appointments

You’re sitting in the chair, with those pearly whites and a toothbrush in hand. Before you even get out of the seat, what does your dental hygienist do? They hand you a little card with your next dental appointment. It’s not an option, it’s a standard. Facing the same challenges that we do...Read More

Convert more veterinary phone shoppers to new clients: How to track, evaluate and harness insights gained from the data

When it comes to veterinary phone shoppers, there are two areas that many practices are not actively evaluating—where their phone shoppers are coming from and how effectively their team handles them. These questions can be tough to tackle for two different reasons, which I’ll get into below. But more importantly, why is it...Read More