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Vampire dogs, time-traveling cats, and the importance of tidy data

One of the best parts of being a data anthropologist is that you just never know what’s waiting for you out there in the wilds of Data Land. And so it was while reviewing our Patient Demographics chart from the Practice Overview Report that Will, our chief data scientist, let us in on...Read More

Why have some numbers changed in the new Practice Overview Report?

After lots of planning, strategizing, and idea sharing, we finally did it! The newest version of our Practice Overview Report (POR) officially launched in January. Those of you who have received it appreciated an updated, easier-to-read look, more data to help identify areas of opportunity to grow your practice, and benchmarks to see...Read More

Why you should get out of practice code debt – Part 3

Other suggestions for minimizing practice code debt Create one, inactivate three. Every time you add a code, try and inactivate three codes. (Note to self: every time I add something to my wardrobe I’m going to try take three items out!) Look at a 12-month Revenue-by-Code report and think about how to rationalize...Read More

How veterinary practices can get out of practice code debt – Part 2

Look at the Data Our team wanted to investigate this Practice Code Debt idea more empirically. We looked at 12-months of transaction data from more than 1700 practices. The average number of transaction codes (with revenue against them) is 956. That’s the average! That feels like a lot of transaction codes to try...Read More

Practice code debt: What veterinary practices can learn from software development

I spend a fair share of time with software developers thinking about what we’re looking to accomplish on the business side and working with them to deliver it. Software developers have a helpful concept called Technical Debt. You can search for “technical debt” on Wikipedia. Technical debt is defined as: "a concept in...Read More

How not to be overwhelmed by your practice data

Feeling overwhelmed with all of the data in your practice management system? You’re not alone, and we are here to help! If you are a VetSuccess member, you are likely receiving four or more reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. Do you ever look at your reports and think, “There is so...Read More

To the Batmobile! : A data adventure on the road

It was a few weeks ago now that I had the distinct pleasure of riding sidecar alongside Sally Jackson, my dear friend, colleague, and our VetSuccess National Accounts Manager. Together with our pal David*, Key Account Manager for our industry partner Elanco, we formed a merry band of data revelry, seeking to spread...Read More

Key performance indicators: The clinical signs of the health of your practice

As veterinarians, we are diligent about measuring and monitoring our patients’ vital signs. While well trained in assessing our patient’s well-being, we are not as attentive to the indicators of our practice’s health such as: What are the “clinical signs” of a healthy practice? How often should you evaluate these crucial metrics? How...Read More

Data mining made easy for the busy manager

A practice manager’s days are jam packed with everything from clients who didn’t expect to pay, to maintaining patient care protocols, inventory concerns and all manner of employee issues. In between all of this, it is difficult to find time to scour reports and pull out relevant data. The solution to this for...Read More

How a report review uncovered a concerning trend for a Kansas practice

Do you need another reason why you should be monitoring your practice trends? Here’s another example of a concerning trend that was recently uncovered for a practice that was new to VetSuccess. During my report review with a Practice Manager at a three doctor practice in Kansas, we uncovered something very interesting. Their...Read More