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Effective inventory management – Discover the secrets to marking up your parasiticide inventory for maximum profitability

My first swim into the deep end of the management pool was as an inventory manager. Over the years I keep coming back to the principles of effective inventory management again and again. As the second highest expense in a veterinary practice, having a solid knowledge of how to manage inventory is critical...Read More

Is your practice truly growing? The number of new clients won’t tell you the whole story (Are you looking at your active patients?)

One of the most important KPIs you should be tracking in your practice is the “net change in active patients” metric. It is a performance measurement that is not readily available in your practice management software, yet it is arguably one of the most insightful. It’s not the easiest number to calculate, but...Read More

How to use key performance indicators to boost bottom line and provide exceptional patient care

Measuring your practice’s success in terms of revenue, compliance and return on investment are just a few areas that indicate how your practice is performing. In order to move forward, you not only need to know where you want to go, but where you are now. This enables you to create a plan...Read More

How medical ratios support best medicine – Every time

We hear a lot about the importance of practicing “best medicine.” Conceptually, many of us would agree that practicing best medicine is, in fact, best. Even so, the question lingers, how do we do it in the real world and how do we measure it? To help our practice teams reach their full...Read More

6 reasons why working with data can be hard

There are no two ways about it. Working with data isn't easy. Within the veterinary industry, there’s a lot of talk about practice data and a number of misconceptions as well. I’d like to share some thoughts on the complexity of managing and understanding data in our industry. Comparing data with other practices...Read More

Comparing veterinary practice reports – A gentle word of caution

Cat eating
When it comes to understanding how well your veterinary practice is doing, the more data you can feast your eyes on, the better. That said, it’s important that you not only look at the numbers in your reports, but also the specifics of what exactly they are measuring. At VetSuccess, we’ve witnessed a...Read More

The brains, science and venn dilemma behind your practice data

Bless the University of North Carolina Charlotte. They have an entire department called The Charlotte Visualization Center in their college of computing and informatics that offers a doctoral program in computer science visualizations. Data visualizations: they’re a thing, and they can be complicated Do you know the difference between a Venn diagram and...Read More

Unlock the power of your data with a focus on five key indicators

Big data — it’s a buzzword in the corporate world these days, veterinary medicine included. Especially with the increasing corporatization of the veterinary profession, it is imperative that practices learn about data management, data review, and data response. [bctt tweet="These days it is imperative that practices learn about data management, data review, and...Read More

How to measure your veterinary practice’s success with a simple calculation

In last week’s post, I used an analogy to explain what your Net Change in Active Patients is. As you may recall, it’s like your bank balance. There’s an opening balance on the first day of the month. There are deposits (inflows) and withdrawals (outflows). Then there’s your balance on the last day...Read More

One of the most important numbers when measuring veterinary practice success

Imagine boarding a plane to your favorite destination. With anticipation, you get to the airport early, get through the seeming chaos of boarding, stow your luggage for takeoff, fasten your seatbelt, and sit through the safety demonstration. The captain then comes over the loudspeaker: “Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck, this is...Read More