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Data normalization: What it really is and how it powers veterinary industry trendlines and benchmarks

  It’s no secret for those in the veterinary industry, practice management software data, aka PIMS data, can get very messy. It’s far too easy to end up with lots of different names for things and codes that come and go. Perhaps an enterprising practice manager initiates a PIMS clean-up and beautifully recategorizes...Read More

Why veterinary practice management software reports are not enough: Former practice manager tells all

  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already committed to the health of your practice.  You know tracking performance is important. You have practice management software that lets you run almost any report under the sun. You might even diligently run those reports every month, recreate your special information searches, and...Read More

Growth planning: See the clever way one practice achieved a 22% growth in active canine patients in 12 months

It had been a tough year for this practice. It began with some shake-ups on the team. This resulted in a wave of hiring and training—a time-consuming albeit important task. The changes were all positive and the practice started out the year in high spirits and enthusiasm, ready to tackle their growth planning...Read More

How to choose the right KPIs – Gathering the right information, making decisions, and solving problems all depend on asking the right questions

When I ask someone how their practice is performing and which metrics they look at regularly to assess their performance, I typically hear the same set of KPIs. Revenue, new clients, ACT, active clients, percentage of revenue toward cost of goods, and percentage of revenue toward labor, to name just a few. I...Read More

Effective inventory management – Discover the secrets to marking up your parasiticide inventory for maximum profitability

My first swim into the deep end of the management pool was as an inventory manager. Over the years I keep coming back to the principles of effective inventory management again and again. As the second highest expense in a veterinary practice, having a solid knowledge of how to manage inventory is critical...Read More

Is your practice truly growing? The number of new clients won’t tell you the whole story (Are you looking at your active patients?)

One of the most important KPIs you should be tracking in your practice is the “net change in active patients” metric. It is a performance measurement that is not readily available in your practice management software, yet it is arguably one of the most insightful. It’s not the easiest number to calculate, but...Read More

How to use key performance indicators to boost bottom line and provide exceptional patient care

Measuring your practice’s success in terms of revenue, compliance and return on investment are just a few areas that indicate how your practice is performing. In order to move forward, you not only need to know where you want to go, but where you are now. This enables you to create a plan...Read More

How medical ratios support best medicine – Every time

We hear a lot about the importance of practicing “best medicine.” Conceptually, many of us would agree that practicing best medicine is, in fact, best. Even so, the question lingers, how do we do it in the real world and how do we measure it? To help our practice teams reach their full...Read More

6 reasons why working with data can be hard

There are no two ways about it. Working with data isn't easy. Within the veterinary industry, there’s a lot of talk about practice data and a number of misconceptions as well. I’d like to share some thoughts on the complexity of managing and understanding data in our industry. Comparing data with other practices...Read More

Comparing veterinary practice reports – A gentle word of caution

Cat eating
When it comes to understanding how well your veterinary practice is doing, the more data you can feast your eyes on, the better. That said, it’s important that you not only look at the numbers in your reports, but also the specifics of what exactly they are measuring. At VetSuccess, we’ve witnessed a...Read More