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Veterinary KPIs: Why you should “run annual blood work” on your business

  Note: Dr. Erin Keiser co-wrote the following piece with her husband Stith Keiser.   I knew I would be on the receiving end of a little (okay, a lot) of skepticism as a new grad. Especially as an obviously young, not-from-around-here-girl, practicing in a rural part of Kentucky. In each exam room...Read More

Pets, People, and Profit: How veterinary practices can remain flexible and adaptable for success

  The pandemic has been, and continues to be, very stressful for everyone, including veterinarians, their staff, and pet owners. While there are positive signs of recovery as more eligible people get vaccinated, we know the entire country, including our profession, is still feeling the impact of COVID-19, and that will probably continue...Read More

CVPM consultant sheds light on the real value of outsourced veterinary practice reporting

  As a veterinary consultant, I have had the privilege of working with numerous hospitals to help them get a better understanding of their finances and areas of their hospitals that need tweaking for better performance and patient compliance. As a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM), I also acted in a consultant role...Read More

Buying vs. building custom veterinary practice reporting and analytics

  During my early days at VetSuccess, I would speak with veterinary practice owners and managers on a regular basis about the nature of their Practice Information Management System (PIMS) reporting. Common language I heard included, “it takes me hours to pull the PIMS reports I actually want” or “sometimes I think I’m...Read More

Veterinary inventory waste: 6 ways you can combat this pesky revenue killer

  After performing end-of-year inventory counts and adjustments, it can be eye-opening and gut-wrenching performing adjustment after adjustment to your inventory. As a brand-new inventory manager, I did a full inventory count for a practice that hadn’t counted anything in nine years. I remember adjusting item after item by thousands, if not tens...Read More

Measuring ROI during a pandemic: Are you getting a solid return on your efforts?

  COVID-19 forced many veterinary practices to pivot in terms of how to operate and where to invest time and resources. Rotating staff, curbside service, and telehealth are among the many adjustments practices have adopted. According to VetSuccess data from the Veterinary Industry Tracker, most practices have not only bounced back from the...Read More

The What? So what? Now what? method: How to get the most out of your data with a Performance Review Call

  I was a veterinary technician and practice manager for 10+ years before coming over to the world of veterinary data at VetSuccess. I fully understand the day-to-day struggles of running a veterinary practice. I know that your time is precious and your data needs to be easy to absorb and actionable. I...Read More

Data normalization: What it really is and how it powers veterinary industry trendlines and benchmarks

  It’s no secret for those in the veterinary industry, practice management software data, aka PIMS data, can get very messy. It’s far too easy to end up with lots of different names for things and codes that come and go. Perhaps an enterprising practice manager initiates a PIMS clean-up and beautifully recategorizes...Read More

Why veterinary practice management software reports are not enough: Former practice manager tells all

  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already committed to the health of your practice.  You know tracking performance is important. You have practice management software that lets you run almost any report under the sun. You might even diligently run those reports every month, recreate your special information searches, and...Read More

Growth planning: See the clever way one practice achieved a 22% growth in active canine patients in 12 months

It had been a tough year for this practice. It began with some shake-ups on the team. This resulted in a wave of hiring and training—a time-consuming albeit important task. The changes were all positive and the practice started out the year in high spirits and enthusiasm, ready to tackle their growth planning...Read More