Beyond the Numbers Blog Thoughts & Advice on Veterinary Practice Management

Why you should try open-book management starting today, for the financial health of your practice

Open-book management is certainly not a new concept. In fact, it has been discussed since the nineties, but there are still many veterinary practice owners that are either not familiar with the term or extremely resistant to the idea. While it may sound a little “too open” to some people, there are actually...Read More

Read your way to excellent practice leadership

President Harry Truman once said: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” This truism doesn’t just apply to presidents, Fortune 500 CEOs, and other influencers -- it applies to veterinary professionals, too. If you want to demonstrate excellent practice leadership, you need to make time to read. It’s that simple....Read More

4 ways a standard of care can benefit your practice

Can a Standard of Care improve nearly EVERYTHING in your practice? Well, it may not fix that worn-out floor in your treatment room, but I believe Standards of Care can address a number of important management issues in veterinary practices. Let’s look at a few of them: 1. Your Standard of Care separates...Read More

Lighten your workload – 3 steps to help you delegate effectively

In a recent post written for the benefit of overworked practice managers, I shared four steps towards a more manageable workload. If you read this post, you may recall the Eisenhower Matrix – a tool that enables you to divide tasks and responsibilities (we’ll refer to these simply as tasks going forward) into...Read More

You are a skilled veterinarian… What’s next in your career?

I vividly remember the conclusion of my academic career. I was in a room, participating in a rounds discussion with nine classmates when we were dismissed. As my classmates jumped and hooted with glee, I stayed seated. I recall thinking that I was going to miss the academic rigor and structure I had been...Read More

Growing leaders in your practice: What is a leader?

Who are the leaders in your practice? While facilitating a leadership workshop, I asked “Who are the leaders in your practice?”. This question stimulated some robust discussion. While some groups discussed the positions in their organizational leadership chart, one thoughtful response was “Everyone is a leader in my practice”. I asked this practice...Read More

On failing in front of the team you lead

In my head, I had this! I was gonna be AWESOME! We have a distributed team. Eleven of us are spread across seven different cities. If I haven’t mentioned it before I’m a HUGE fan of distributed teams. They work extremely well and even better if they get together from time to time....Read More

Who needs a practice manager?

As a technical services veterinarian, I had the privilege of visiting about 20 veterinary hospitals per week. During these meetings, I met with hospital leadership to discuss what was going well in their practices and identify areas in which my company could provide assistance to help their businesses become “even better yet”. While...Read More

Using VetSuccess reports to inspire and engage your team

As owners and managers, we often hear that employees need to be engaged and that there needs to be transparency and a sharing of “the books” with employees.  The use of VetSuccess Practice Overview Reports and the Compliance Tracker can help you accomplish engagement and sharing in an easy way. We know that...Read More

Practice good medicine and the money will follow

"Practice good medicine and the money will follow." This was the answer a wise veterinarian once gave me in response to my question of her plans on growing revenue in her practice. I love this advice because it is a springboard for a deeper introspection of how we can make this adage a...Read More