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5 best practices of resource management in veterinary practices

  Good resource management in veterinary practices is crucial for the organization’s profitability, quality of care, and staff retention. When we talk about resources in vet practices, the most significant challenge today is human capital.  Covid-19 exposed the veterinary workforce crisis and pushed practice managers to look for better and more creative ways...Read More

How veterinary practices can compete with the staffing and compensation crisis

  For veterinary practices, many challenges have surfaced over the last two years, and some have been exacerbated. One, however, has been consistent regardless of demographics, geographical location, or industry: staffing shortages and rising compensation.    “Economists say changing demographics like aging, and retiring workers are a factor behind the shortages, as well...Read More

SOS: Attract veterinary relief to your hospital in five simple steps

  It seems as though the veterinary relief industry has been positively booming throughout the last few years, and especially in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic. While other professions have seen a loss of stability, veterinarians and vet techs are finding that they are in higher demand than ever before. With...Read More

During this workforce crisis, you can’t afford NOT to celebrate Vet Tech Week in October

  Take a moment to visualize a typical mid-pandemic day in your practice: perhaps you see phones ringing non-stop, edgy pet owners, new patients, delays, curbside service, inventory backorders, etc. Now take a deep breath and imagine all of that chaos without your veterinary technicians. You and I both know your practice would...Read More

State-by-state veterinary salary comparison: Plus how the pros recruit for top talent nationwide

  Recruiting new veterinarians is a challenge. Do the economic factors in your state help or hinder attracting veterinarians from other states? How can you take advantage of conditions in neighboring states to attract more and better candidates? Read on for a state-by-state comparison of veterinary salaries, plus tips on how to recruit...Read More

Could your hospital use some relief? Let’s talk about relief veterinarians and techs

  Whether you are of the opinion that there is a nationwide shortage of veterinarians or not, we can all agree that animal hospitals are having difficulty filling positions. Some might argue that’s because there aren’t enough vets to fill the ever-growing list of job openings. Others believe that there are enough vets,...Read More

Retain veterinary staff: How to keep veterinarians and techs from bailing on your practice during COVID-19

  Since March, our lives have been turned upside down by the events associated with COVID-19. Of all the extremely stressful and frustrating side effects this experience has had on clinics, one of the most disappointing results is the loss of staff, particularly veterinarians and veterinary technicians. It was difficult enough to find...Read More

National Veterinary Technician Week: 5 safe ways to celebrate your vet techs and nurses during the pandemic

  Being a vet tech is hard during the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic.  Not only are they on their feet all day caring for critters, they’re now doing it all with a mask on, curbside, six feet apart from some very agitated and anxious clients. They’re hanging in...Read More

3 crucial pieces every new veterinary practice manager needs to complete their training puzzle

Being a new veterinary practice manager can be an extremely overwhelming experience even with the best training and preparation. So imagine if someone moved into this position without the required support and resources. Sound scary? It should, especially because this happens all the time.  Whether it is a matter of a newer practice...Read More

Vet tech week: Top 5 creative ways to honor your technicians

Being a vet tech is HARD.  They’re on their feet all day, dodging fecal matter, filling meds, placing catheters, and just about breaking their backs lifting dogs. Meanwhile, there’s no end to the amount of love, care, and support they provide pets. This is why fathers get a day, but vet techs get...Read More