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Could your hospital use some relief? Let’s talk about relief veterinarians and techs

  Whether you are of the opinion that there is a nationwide shortage of veterinarians or not, we can all agree that animal hospitals are having difficulty filling positions. Some might argue that’s because there aren’t enough vets to fill the ever-growing list of job openings. Others believe that there are enough vets,...Read More

Retain veterinary staff: How to keep veterinarians and techs from bailing on your practice during COVID-19

  Since March, our lives have been turned upside down by the events associated with COVID-19. Of all the extremely stressful and frustrating side effects this experience has had on clinics, one of the most disappointing results is the loss of staff, particularly veterinarians and veterinary technicians. It was difficult enough to find...Read More

National Veterinary Technician Week: 5 safe ways to celebrate your vet techs and nurses during the pandemic

  Being a vet tech is hard during the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic.  Not only are they on their feet all day caring for critters, they’re now doing it all with a mask on, curbside, six feet apart from some very agitated and anxious clients. They’re hanging in...Read More

3 crucial pieces every new veterinary practice manager needs to complete their training puzzle

Being a new veterinary practice manager can be an extremely overwhelming experience even with the best training and preparation. So imagine if someone moved into this position without the required support and resources. Sound scary? It should, especially because this happens all the time.  Whether it is a matter of a newer practice...Read More

Vet tech week: Top 5 creative ways to honor your technicians

Being a vet tech is HARD.  They’re on their feet all day, dodging fecal matter, filling meds, placing catheters, and just about breaking their backs lifting dogs. Meanwhile, there’s no end to the amount of love, care, and support they provide pets. This is why fathers get a day, but vet techs get...Read More

The ideal veterinary staffing ratio boils down to this one key concept: Trust

Every staff member plays a critical role in hospital success, from kennel attendants to veterinarians. Considering that staffing costs are one of a hospital’s largest expenses, practice managers and owners need to make sure employees are being properly utilized - hence the quest for the ideal veterinary staffing ratio.  Rethinking the veterinary staffing...Read More

Veterinarian shortage: 6 creative ways to hire and retain rockstar veterinarians even during the drought

Gone are the days where resumes and applications are flooding in for our Veterinarian job openings. We are in the midst of an Associate Veterinarian shortage in the US. Do you feel the squeeze at your practice? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the disparity is expected to continue to grow about...Read More

Does training new employees feel like a burden? Are you setting new team members up to fail? Consider phase training

Training staff members is often a challenge in a veterinary practice, for many reasons. Firstly, hiring and training is expensive and like any expensive investment, it needs to have value. Secondly, we have a huge problem in our industry with “sink or swim” style training. Let’s face it, you are training a new...Read More

Developing and retaining the ‘A’ team! Reducing high staff turnover starts with you…The GREAT LEADER!

Staff retention is a hot topic for practice managers and owners. “We have such high staff turnover” I frequently hear. I have even heard “employee turnover is very common in the veterinary industry…” When these types of comments are made, the first place I turn to make corrections is leadership. It all starts...Read More

Performance reviews done right: The gift that keeps on giving

Holiday festivities. Family. Friends. Good food. Year-end inventory counts. Annual budgeting. Performance reviews. To some, the above two lines may seem as polarizing as a lump of coal and a shiny new present. Fortunately, for veterinary managers and owners alike, exercises that many designate to the end of the year are in fact,...Read More