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It’s real: Common misconceptions about compassion fatigue

I was sitting in my Clinical Psychology class with my eyes fixed on the TV. I watched as a therapist counseled a young father as he described his daughter passing away in his arms. The anxiety, stress and heartbreak that I felt as tears nearly fell down my cheeks would be an unknown...Read More

Three tips to avoiding personal compassion fatigue

Not sleeping well? Feeling abnormally emotional? Job satisfaction low? Mentally and physically drained when you get home from work? If you relate to any, or all of these, then you are likely experiencing compassion fatigue. As veterinary professionals, we are constantly exposed to traumatic events. If you feel that you may be experiencing...Read More

Using your Practice Overview Reports to anticipate compassion fatigue

  As an industry we tend to like quantitative indicators of our practice’s health. VetSuccess does a great job of providing many metrics that you can use to track your practice’s progress, and even anticipate negative trends or changes. As a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional, I like to look for unique ways to...Read More