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One year later: CVPM pens heartfelt wake-up call that all practice managers need to hear

  There is no doubt that the past 12 months have been life-altering for everyone and veterinary hospitals have been drastically affected. In some ways, it is hard to believe that it has already been a year since the COVID-19 crisis began, and in others, it feels like it’s been going for several...Read More

Dental nightmares only veterinary professionals could stomach: aka the importance of client education

  Warning: this post contains graphic images that, I promise you, only seasoned veterinary professionals can handle. If you’re not in veterinary medicine, don’t be a hero… walk away right now or, at the very least, skip the photos.   Now that we’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, I trust that...Read More

What exotic pet vets do and how to know if your practice is ready to see exotic patients

  Exotic pet veterinarian clinics, like Long Island Bird & Exotics Veterinary Clinic, can diagnose and treat a wide variety of animals. It’s a very rewarding population to treat, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for all businesses.  Keep reading to learn more about the work of exotic pet vets, and...Read More

Dos and don’ts for veterinary practices from a first-time dog owner during the pandemic

Three months into quarantine and three years of constant requests from our son, we finally said yes to a puppy — that’s right, a pandemic puppy. We welcomed Chilly, the cutest Whoodle known to man, into our home when he was nine weeks old. We of course made an appointment with a veterinary...Read More

Stressful times cause stressed-out clients: How to handle shocking client behavior in your veterinary practice

  As a practice manager, I’ve seen countless business challenges for my four-doctor practice over the past several months in response to COVID-19. I’m sure you’ve experienced much of the same. But, to me, the absolute most surprising and disappointing challenge has been client behavior.   I have worked with my fair share of...Read More

The best of the best track client feedback: Here’s why & how to get your practice onboard

  Hey there, I’m Kristen, one of the members of the VetSuccess Product team. Ask anyone around here and they’ll tell you, I’m pretty into UX (User Experience) and documentation. I’m curious about what the experience is like for our clients as they interact with our reports and products. And of course, I’m...Read More

Clients crave community: Here’s how to foster an awesome online community your clients deserve

With the responsibility of attracting customers and turning them into long term clients, we all have to wear the marketing hat from time to time. The easiest (and most rewarding) way to do this is by building strong relationships with clients so that they feel part of a greater community or tribe. But...Read More

Why every impression really matters. The high stakes to not providing good customer service

First impressions are everything. They certainly matter when the stakes are high, like a job interview or a first date, and they matter even when the stakes are low, like being introduced to a friend of a friend (because who knows what the future holds). How about when a first impression influences whether...Read More

How making your practice cat-friendly will improve your patient and client experience, bonding rate and your bottom line!

The number one reason why people don’t bring their cat to the vet is because their cat doesn’t like it. The number one reason that people do bring their cat to the vet is because they are sick. We all know that once a cat begins to show signs of illness, it is...Read More

10 tips for making awesome clients feel like VIPs

I’ve been a veterinarian now for 22 years and what I have learned is that not every client is equal. There are so many awesome clients — they are kind, empathetic, aware of medical limitations and the fact that veterinarians don’t possess a crystal ball. Other clients though are “awesome-challenged”—they may have unrealistic...Read More