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How to define and create a great work culture in your veterinary practice

Workplace culture is the essence of your business. It’s what makes your business unique, and is the culmination of your businesses values, traditions, and beliefs. It is something that can be defined and built upon – or left to run wild. It can keep and attract talent or chase it away. It can...Read More

Why veterinary practice staff morale matters more than ever and 3 ways to boost it

If you could only focus on one aspect of your veterinary practice, what would that be? Would you focus on patient care? That’s why you got into this business, after all. Would you focus on client satisfaction, because without clients, you wouldn’t actually be in practice? Or would you focus on revenue, because...Read More

Team spirit – Embrace yours for a healthier, happier veterinary practice

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Teams have always been a big part of my life. I love being part of a team, and I love cheering teams on. What’s not to relish about camaraderie, motivation, and some healthy competition? I used to play a lot of sports. These days, though, besides watching my St. Louis Cardinals really pick...Read More

Promoting a healthier workplace by opting in to the idea of opting out

According to Tony Dungy, former coach of the Tampa Buccaneers: “The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better.” I couldn’t agree more. In a recent post about easing compassion fatigue within your veterinary practice, I touched on the...Read More

The best feeling in the world!

Yesterday was a good day. Our team was all involved deep in the work of our day-to-day. We were servicing our member practices, working on new product ideas, planning for 2016. It was a regular and busy Thursday. Then two things happened.  I got an email from a practice group that we’ve been...Read More