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6 tips for developing a healthy and resilient environment within modern veterinary practices

  Compassion fatigue has had a center stage in our animal hospitals over the last decade. And, rightly so. The veterinary industry lands in the top five industries where compassion fatigue and suicide prevalence are on the radar. We are an industry of empathetic, caring individuals, who often may be giving from a...Read More

Veterinary technician tell-all: How to keep the lifeline of your practice happy and healthy

  The current state of veterinary medicine has changed rapidly since 2019 due to a worldwide pandemic, lockdowns, and mandates. To combat these challenges many veterinary practices had to change their approach in order to remain open and serve their customers. Like all businesses, especially those in healthcare, hiring and retaining staff members...Read More

June is Pride Month: 10 ways to honor and celebrate PRIDE at your veterinary practice

  Not only is June the official start of summer in the States, it’s also Pride Month: a month-long celebration of all things LGBTQ+. Pride Month first began in 1970 as a way to pay homage to the Stonewall Riots in New York City, an uprising that is considered by many to have...Read More

New year, new opportunity: 4 ways to improve and jumpstart your veterinary clinic culture

  As a CVPM, I take great pride in the strong company culture in our veterinary clinic. My team is cheerful, hardworking, and dedicated. They know our core values by heart and embody them in every aspect of their jobs. My technicians will pick up the phone or check out a client without...Read More

Treating staff like humans: How veterinary mentoring can revitalize engagement in your practice

Today most employees, especially those who work in the veterinary field, are still searching for a better balance between their mental health and their career. With the job market like it is though, employees have the luxury of choosing from many green pastures. They no longer feel forced to grovel for the plot...Read More

Reclaim your time and gain unique ROI by grooming staff for future veterinary practice leadership (pun intended)

  Which of these scenarios resonate more with you? A hospital where the practice manager or owner spends most of the day putting out fires, frequently handling client concerns, and knee-jerk reacting to everything. A hospital where the practice manager or owner spends most of the day developing their staff, continually working on...Read More

Confessions of an overflowing inbox: The email etiquette article to send that one person in your practice

  Veterinary practices have slowly but surely entered the digital age. Many are finally trading paper and faxing for electronic recordkeeping and emailing. With this shift comes increased communication with clients, vendors, coworkers, and other hospitals via email. How would you rate your email savviness and email etiquette?   Below are some tips (or...Read More

Here’s why team wellbeing should be your new KPI (yes, you can measure it!) – Q&A interview plus case study

Modern-day KPIs or key performance indicators have been widely used in business since the early 1900s. While the veterinary industry is no stranger to the standard KPIs like revenue and patient visits, it’s likely missing one of the most important KPIs: team wellbeing. “But it’s impossible to measure!” you say. Not according to...Read More

Game of Thrones – Veterinary practice edition: What to do when your office culture feels more like an epic power struggle

To be alive in 2019 means you’ve at least heard of the hit tv show Game of Thrones on HBO. The highly-anticipated series finale recently aired on May 19th, 2019. Even if you’re not a diehard fan, you have at least some sense that it’s a show about the epic power struggle for...Read More

An empowered team is a happy team: Utilizing empowerment to build a great culture

Culture and leadership are now common words used in veterinary management literature. Many articles state how important these are, but what else contributes to building a positive culture besides leadership? If culture is defined as shared values and working towards a common goal, shouldn’t the rest of the team be involved in building...Read More